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Christian Pastor Tries To Build Church In Muslim Area, Suddenly A Koran With His Name In It “Appears” In The Street, Now The Muslims Have Arrested The Pastor For “Disrespecting The Koran”

A group of Christians led by Pastor Babu Shehbaz have been trying to build a Church build a church in Lahore, but Muslim zealots have been trying to stop them. Suddenly, these same Muslims “found” a Koran with Pastor Shehbaz’s name written in it. In response, the Muslims called the authorities and using Pakistan’s infamous […]

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‘Stop Blaming The Muslims For Your Problems – If You Didn’t Stop Believing In Christ And Then Start Selling Your Churches To The Muslims You Wouldn’t Be So Afraid’ Major Catholic Cardinal Gives The Hard Truth To Europe

Cardinal Schönborn of Austria is one of the most respected voices in the Church today. In a recent interview, he said out his opinion on the major issues of European politics today such as the Muslim invasion of Europe, the apostasy of the European people, religious freedom, refugees, Brexit, and American President Elect Donald Trump: […]

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Christian Pastor Arrested By Muslim Sudanese Government And Facing Death Penalty For Helping Persecuted Christians Is Released At Last From Prison

Rev. Kwa Shamaal has been in prison for weeks on false charges that he ‘tarnished the image of Sudan’- a charge which carries the death penalty. The reality is he was arrested for being a Christian and doing missionary work in this Muslim majority nation, and he has been harassed by the government before. In […]

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Chinese Government Threatens The Church- ‘Create A Pro-Communist Church- Or Else’

While Christians are being butchered in the Middle East, the Chinese Government is also increasing pressure on Christians. Their message? Become a ‘Chinese national’ church- or else: Chinese Catholics are under pressure to distance themselves from the Vatican and come under Beijing’s influence. A senior Communist Party official told a government-approved church body that Catholics […]

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