Archive | January 22, 2017

Pope Francis Declares This Warning To All Christians: ‘Beware Of Populism, Remember That Hitler Came To Power Because Of Populism.’

  By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis just recently declared a warning to all Christians, telling them that they must beware of populism, and how it was because of populist hysteria that Hitler came to power. My father recently wrote an article on the dangers of populism that coincides with the warning of Pope Francis. For this […]

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The Most Horrific Evil Is Rising Up, The False Church Of The Antichrist Is Uniting With The Demonic Religion Of Islam, And The Most Horrific Diabolical Empire Will Appear

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, continuation of Part I, Part II, Part III) Many Christians live their lives in confidence believing they are equipped to handle Antichrist’s deception. But after comparing the rarely discussed link, between Hitler’s Germany and the Muslim Ottomans, with what conservative movements are campaigning for today, you will reconsider, that you too, have swallowed an Antichrist bait, without […]

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