Archive | January 10, 2017

Muslim Woman Bedridden For A Year With Grave Illness Is Miraculously Cured After Her Husband Prays For Healing In The Name Of Jesus, Now They Are Both Christians And Their Testimony Is Winning Muslims For Christ

In a wonderful story shared by a former Muslim turned Christian who is living in Germany, he testified how his uncle became a Christian after he cried out to God to heal his bedridden wife, at which he heard a voice from above tell him to pray in the name of Jesus for healing, after […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Random Christian Village And Slaughter 10 Christians Just Because They Could

The locals are in shock at what happened and are asking what they did to cause this. As we have said before, the answer is that there is no love in Islam, it teaches its followers to hate Christians because they are Christians and gives them license to slaughter Christians at will if they choose […]

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