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Muslim Woman Becomes A Christian, Her Family Makes Her Eat Poison And Then Ties Her To A Tree And Leaves Her To Die While Taunting Her- ‘Your Bible Says Jesus Will Protect You From Poison So We Will See If He Really Does’

Fortunately, a Christian neighbor heard the woman screaming in pain and got her to the hospital where she will be OK: Muslim relatives of a young woman in eastern Uganda who put her faith in Christ at a Christmas service coerced her into taking poison at a New Year’s celebration, she said. Sandra Summaya, 24, […]

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Major Muslim Figure In Pakistan Makes Video Wishing Christians Merry Christmas And Criticizing Blasphemy Laws, Now Muslims Are Calling For His Death For “Apostasy”

Shaan Taseer is a Pakistani Muslim from a prominent family. On Christmas, he sent a message in which he criticized Pakistan’s infamous “blasphemy law” that is used to harass and persecute Christians as well as wish a Merry Christmas. In response, Muslims are now saying that he committed “blasphemy” and “apostasy” and needs to be […]

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Four Black Lives Matter Supporters Kidnap Mentally Challenged White Man And Livestream Themselves Sadistically Torturing Him While Laughing To Facebook

A shocking and sick video has emerged on the Internet. According to reports, four black lives matter supporters kidnapped a mentally challenged white man, tied him up and then livestreamed to facebook a video of them torturing the man because he was white: Chicago PD Press Conference reveals that the four suspects in custody are […]

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