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Egyptian Government Drops Case Of Muslim Mob Stripping A 70 Year Old Christian Woman Naked And Parading Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat The Egyptian government has dropped the case against an Islamic mob who stripped a 70 year old Christian woman naked and paraded her through the streets. According to one report: Egyptian prosecutors have thrown out a case brought by an elderly Christian woman against several members of a Muslim mob who stripped […]

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Christian Doctor Refuses To Leave His Village, And Stays To Help The Sick And The Injured, Muslim Terrorists Invade And Kidnap Him, The Doctor Refuses To Deny Christ And The Muslims Slaughter Him. Another Christian Declares The Words Of Christ: ‘If You Deny Me I Will Deny You.’ The Muslims Take Him And Butcher Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian doctor in Syria refused to leave his village, and stayed to help the sick and the injured. Muslim terrorists belonging to ISIS invaded, took the doctor, and after he refused to deny Christ, they slaughtered him. There was another Christian, by the name of Gergis who, in another attack, told […]

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Major Muslim Leaders Declare That Within SEVEN YEARS The Muslim Caliphate Will Be Established And Erdogan Will Be Caliph Of The Muslim World

Its time we put this puzzle together, especially when all these major Muslim figures are discussing that the Caliphate is to emerge in seven years from now. It could even be quicker as we see reported this morning that Erdogan’s new caliphate presidential system will be taken to a referendum in early April, just two months from […]

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Muslims Kidnap, Strip Naked, And Beat 70-Year-Old Christian Woman In Public, The Court Drops The Charges Against Her Attackers And Police Tell Her ‘It Is Your Job To Reconcile With The Muslims’

Last year we reported how three hundred Muslims kidnapped, stripped naked, and beat an elderly Christian woman because of a rumor her son was having an affair with a Muslim. Her case just finished up in court, and not only were all charges dropped against her attackers, the police told her that it was her […]

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Muslim Tries To Rape Teen Girl, She Tells Him “Meet Me Back Here Tomorrow,” She Calls The Police And He Gets Busted The Next Day When He Comes To Meet Her

One of Europe’s “new” Muslims tried to rape a 13-year-old girl. Thinking fast, she told him that she would meet him there tomorrow- but not after telling her parents and setting up a sting with the local police. Now her would-be molester is sitting in a prison cell: But when the Algerian man, 34, returned […]

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