Archive | January 26, 2017

Islamic Shariah Government In Nigeria Abruptly Seizes, Demolishes Two Churches In Front Of Their Congregations

Jigawa State in northern Nigeria is 98% Muslim and in 2000 was one among twelve states in Nigeria which officially adopted Islamic Shariah Law as the law of the land. While Christianity is spreading rapidly throughout Nigeria, it has also provoked the wrath of many Muslims, who are doing all they can to stop its […]

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‘Christians Must Buy a Sword And Fight Against The Muslim Raiders Who Are Slaughtering Them’ Leader Of Major Christian Organization Tells Christians To Stand Up And Fight Back

Christians in Nigeria right now are suffering horrible persecution at the hands of Muslim raiders. Recently, the Chairman for the Christian Association of Nigeria declared that enough is enough and Christians need to take up arms to defend themselves against the Muslims: Christians facing extreme dangers and slaughter at the hands of Islamic radicals, such […]

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