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Massive Move Of The Holy Spirit As Thousands Of Muslims Across Syria Are Flocking To Pray With Christian Missionaries

For years, the reports poured out of Syria about the devastation caused by ISIS as they committed genocide against the Christians. Now as the power of ISIS wanes and in what some  are calling a miraculous move of the Holy Spirit, thousands of Muslims are flocking to and praying with Christians missionaries according to a […]

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Islamic Terrorist Ambushes Christian Man, And Shoves A Blade Into His Throat

By Theodore Shoebat An Islamic terrorist in Egypt ambushed a Christian doctor and shoved his a blade into his throat. As we read in one report:   Copts in Egypt have been left terrified by the killing of a married surgeon who they fear is the fourth believer to die in a spate of religiously […]

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Major Democrat Official Makes This Declaration About All People With Disabilities: “They Are Not Even Human Beings.” The Democrats Are Absolute Nazis

  By Theodore Shoebat Democrat Michigan mayor, James Fouts, has declared that all people with disabilities are “not even human beings”, and its just another indication as to the Nazi sentiments of the Democrat elite. I did a whole video on this:   According to one report:   The mayor of Michigan’s third-largest city is facing […]

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Muslim Refugees Who Come To Germany And Convert To Christianity Are Being Deported While Government-Supported Muslim Translators Falsify Their Applications And Mock Christ Openly

It’s no longer a secret- Germany’s government has become possibly the largest promoter and propagator of Islam in Europe. Once a Christian people, the German nation is deliberately handing its nation over to Muslims who hate Christianity and Christians. These Muslims are persecuting Christians in Germany and now, in a new development, are targeting Muslim […]

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