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The Spanish Government Now Wants To Shut Down The Catalonian Government. Major Catalonian Politicians Threaten: ‘If You Shut Us Down There Will Be Massive Unrest In The Streets.’

By Theodore Shoebat The Spanish government now wants to shut down the Catalonia government. Major Catalonian politicians are threatening civil unrest if this happens. One report states:  A far-left Catalan party on Monday (Oct 23) threatened “massive civil disobedience” if Spain dismisses the region’s government to stave off its threat to declare independence. The Popular […]

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Islamic Terrorists Charge Into Church And Murder Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat  Islamic terrorists in Egypt entered a church and murdered seven people. As we read in one report: Seven people were killed and another 15 injured when suspected Islamic State militants targeted a bank and a church in Egypt. Egyptian Christians, known as Copts, have been facing intensified persecution recently. According to The Christian […]

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Disgusting Prostitute Blasphemes Virgin Mary On Social Media And Christians Don’t Care At All- This Is Why Islam Is Taking Over

Mia Khalifa is the world’s most popular porn star, and she recently caused a controversy over her superimposing her face over that of the Blessed Virgin: Porn star Mia Khalifa has caused outrage by posting an image of her face superimposed on the body of the Virgin Mary. The 24-year-old was joking about how some […]

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Members of the Egyptian security forces attempt to help the Police Chief General Nabil Farag (C), who was killed after unidentified militants opened fire on security forces deployed early morning, in Kerdasa, a town 14 km (9 miles), from Cairo. (Stringer/Reuters photo)

Islamic Terrorists Butcher Fifty Four Egyptian Police Officers In Horrific Ambush

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Egypt butchered fifty four Egyptian police officers in a horrific ambush that so few are talking about. Here is the report: At least 54 policemen, including 20 officers and 34 conscripts, were killed when a raid on a militant hideout southwest of Cairo was ambushed, officials said Saturday. The […]

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New ISIS Massacre Video in Iraq: ISIS Execute 50 Shiites

Investigation Reveals: ISIS Spent Twenty Days Slaughtering 116 Christians

By Theodore Shoebat An investigation has revealed that ISIS spent twenty days slaughtering people in the Christian village of Al-Qaryatain. As we read in one report: Evidence has emerged of another Islamic State militant group (ISIS) mass execution, this time in the Syrian Christian desert town of Al-Qaryatain. The militant group killed at least 116 civilians […]

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Major Robotics Scientist Proudly Brags ‘People Will Be Marrying Robots And Printing Their Children In Laboratories In Less Than A Generation’

We warned that the sex robots coming in the near future are a realization of a prophecy that the final battle will be over marriage and the family. In another development from this new and final front of the anti-family revolution, one of the major minds behind the propagation of sex robots is boasting that […]

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