Canadian Government Declares To Christian Couple ‘You Are Unfit To Adopt A Child Because You Are Bigots That Believe In The Biblical Definition Of Marriage’

A Christian couple was barred from adopting a child in Canada after they were told that their support of the Biblical definition of marriage made them unfit to be parents according to a recent report:

An evangelical Christian couple from Alberta, Canada, said that their application to adopt a child was rejected by the government because they do not agree with gay marriage.

The couple, who weren’t named in the legal documents, have filed a discrimination case against Alberta, claiming that their religious views on marriage being a union between a man and a woman were targeted, CBC News reported.

“The casework supervisor explained that our religious beliefs regarding sexuality were incompatible with the adoption process,” an affidavit calling for a judicial review of the government’s decision said.

“The casework supervisor said this stance was the ‘official position of the Alberta government.'”

The evangelical couple were asked how they would handle a child who reveals to them that he or she is questioning his or her sexuality, and they responded by saying that sexuality should not be “experienced or explored until a person is an adult and is married.”

The husband and wife insisted that they treat all people with respect, however, and that their views would not hinder them from providing a loving, secure and happy home to a child.

John Carpay of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms pointed out that Catholics, other Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Jews all share the couple’s stance on marriage.

“Making determinations about who is suitable to adopt on the basis of their sincere religious beliefs violates this couple’s right to religious freedom and equality under the law,” Carpay argued.

Aaron Manton, spokesman for the Minister of Children’s Services, said in an email statement to Edmonton Journal regarding the case:

“Our government believes that every adoptive child deserves a safe, healthy, loving and inclusive home. We want to ensure that, in all cases, the adoption process gives both children and parents the best possible outcomes, which is why the application process is thorough and rigorous.”

Canadian conservatives have said that they have been targeted on a number of occasions for expressing traditional views on marriage and gender.

In October, a school board trustee in British Columbia said that he will insist on pointing out that children being allowed to choose their own gender is “child abuse,” despite labels of “bigoted homophobe.”

Barry Neufeld, a trustee for the Chilliwack School District, slammed curriculum that teaches children they can choose their own gender and pronouns.

“The B.C. Ministry of Education has embraced the LGBT lobby and is forcing this biologically absurd theory on children in our schools,” Neufeld argued.

The British Columbia School Trustees Association slammed Neufeld for his position, and said that schools will continue to stand against “prejudice, bullying or discrimination.”

Neufeld later clarified that he is being critical of “an educational resource, not individuals.” (source)



  • filomena seiffert

    I guess Canada is making very easy for gays and satanist to adopt children.

    • Brick

      Yes they are. They had practiced this years already. The nation is under the influence of the dragon these few years to a point that people had began to lost common senses.

  • Higlac

    Sorry, Mr. Moreh, but I must disagree with you!!!

    Things are getting so bad in Canada as to require people to stand up and be counted. Thanks to our Marxists having infected society everywhere and us Christians being silenced (especially by the ultra-Satanic example of our sevenfold-accursed “Prime Minister”, who obviously is an Antichrist), it will rapidly devolve into open persecution where either Trudeau will succeed in imposing his Communist dictatorship or a civil war – or even both!! – will result.

    I wouldn’t put absolutely anything past Trudeau – he well may try to wage war upon our smaller towns and country-folk: he knows well that he has the support of the BIG cities, which is all he cares for (especially in the ultra-louche province of Québec)…

  • Mart1963

    The biggest users of drugs are the LGBT community and it is worth noting that Canada is legalizing marijuana and other harder drugs to follow.

    Without God then darkness will fill the void.

  • Brick

    Personally I believe this is why God has moved us East Asians here and brought us to His Son Jesus Christ in large numbers. We can play the game of “multiculturalism” while infusing Christianity with our cultures to combat these depraved and demon possessed LGBT*!(@#&(*&%@ agenda. Don’t want to listen to Christian music in public? Racism! Don’t want us to speak about God publicly? Racism! Don’t want us to speak about Jesus at work? Discrimination against Asian cultures where we talk religion freely (except those Islamic countries). Whatever these demon possessed had in mind, we can combat them back ten times… but, I just wish the Spirit will awaken many our local Canadian brethren from their slumbers..

  • Brick

    In Chinese culture we call these people who want to choose their own genders as “insane” (瘋子). or human abomination (人妖). and we call those who want to teach children these depraved teachings as “have problems in their brains” (腦子有問題). Don’t like what we say? Racism! Don’t like us to confront you? Discrimination. We will protect this country, and we will fight against the evils one way or another with the help of our Might God.

  • Higlac

    It won’t be long before all teachers are forced to teach “SOGI”; furthermore, if the federal government was aroused not by Mr. Neufeld but by a Catholic Social Services worker (i.e., a third party), then it shows you how trigger-happy they’re getting.

    To boot: even if the couple wins, the governments (especially the lefties of Alberta, Ontario and Québec plus the feds) will quickly act to push against Christians and for our LGBT enemies. It’s a no-win situation for us Christians: if “social-justice-warriors” in the courts take away Christians’ rights (and the odds are good that way!!) via adjudicating against them, we lose; if we win (as described above), we lose!!!

    As to “Vigilant2”: what we very soon will be needing won’t be the Second Amendment but a full-scale INVASION of Canada by the USA. Our “élite”-ranks are so thoroughly-infested by the Marxist toxins as to make it impossible for us to beat them back on our own. Only with military might, followed immediately afterwards by a ruthless PURGE of all those élitists, can we ordinary joes get a chance to really then turn back the clock – by at least a whole century (to before World War I) – with the help and advice of “right-wing” experts (from the USA plus other parts of the world who however are free of Marxism!!!!) – put things back together again.

    [As part of that whole-scale cleanup, all those élitists who’re infected with Islamo-Marxism (based upon how they’ve taught and lectured their students plus who those folks turn out to be!!!) have to lose their powers and status via their dismissal from their jobs en masse. Furthermore, all those who’re especially egregious in their teachings and their results will need to be utterly eliminated via death or exile into GULag-style labour camps (alternatively, to Communist countries like North Korea or Moslem nations like Saudi Arabia).]

    • Matt

      You are exactly right Higlac:

      Marxism is already deeply entrenched in our nations. It’s not right paranoia. The problem is the right (conservatives) largely present FALSE OPPOSITION to Marxism (and Luciferianism in general) because they are in error on the roots of these issues.

      For example, the right, as a collective, claims to be against abortion yet they support contraceptives. They claim to be against pedophilia yet they support the legalisation of same-sex acts. The list goes on.

      Marxism versus Nazism is Sunni versus Shiite. They are essentially the same beast in slightly different garbs, and funded by exactly the same financial elitists on both sides from the top I’m sure, (as is the false opposition on the right).

      Great comments. Thanks.

  • David W

    You can have the ballet dancing Commie, we are stuck with the Jesuit turned Maoist Governor. Put on a hijab and show your love of diversity.

  • Higlac

    Complete agreement with that we need to lead lives that are as holy and blameless as we can make them – and then trust God for the rest. No disagreement is possible here.

    However (and I’m no longer fit for parades anyway), when the demons and Untermenschen come seeking to actively take our properties, rights, &c. away, WHAT THEN??? Without our resisting – as our compatriots have to do in such benighted lands like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the rest, our faith will be quickly rendered extinct (as it is on the brink of becoming in Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan on the one hand, North Korea and Laos on the other).

    This will be all the more so when we Christians are forced to deal with such burdens like the Mark of the Beast plus its computer enforcement-mechanisms (a physical mark like a computer chip implanted into our foreheads or right hands is by no means incompatible with the dictatorship both Marxism and Islam demand!!!) and its refinements (for example, the coming “Social Credit Score” – which will all the more keep tabs on how we are seen in the eyes of our governments – please see

    When these things like the RFID chip-implants plus various “scores” are implemented: not only will we lose our privacy, we will be totally exposed to the whims of dictatorships and their élitists (our democracies won’t last very long for the most part, most unfortunately).

  • Mart1963

    Sigh. Another person so incapable of searching the internet due to drugs and even if that person found the evidence they would not believe it anyway.

  • Mart1963

    Your ignorance on the mater astounds me, don’t be a bunny all your life.