Watch The Last Moments Of Russian Pilot Air Force Major Roman Filippov Surrounded By Muslim Terrorist Bastards

By Walid Shoebat

Videos of the last moments of Air Force Major Roman Filippov surfaced. He was armed with only a handgun and grenades, surrounded by Muslim terrorists shooting at him as he glided in his parachute being shot at by whom Russia calls “terrorists” and the U.S. simply calls “Anti-Assad rebels.”

So which is it? Who brought down the jet, ‘terrorists’ or ‘rebels’? The videos tell us the obvious:

The strange thing is that not much has been made of this incident in either the American or Russian press beyond photos and social media postings of the dead pilot and the burning jet. Both Russia and the U.S., are quiet about it.

The US denies that it equipped any force in Syria with surface-to-air weapons, but can they deny that they call these Muslim terrorists simply as ‘anti-Assad rebels’?

The US is equipping a 30,000-strong “border force” (mainly Kurds) to launch attacks on the anti-ISIS anti-Jihadi Assad regime. The pro-Jihad Turkey brands the Kurdish YPG as ‘terrorists’ while the US brands them as ‘ally’. These are being attacked by a full-scale Turkish offensive in the Kurdish enclave. At the same time, Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, began their own attacks on Western-aligned ‘militias’ (correction: terrorists) seeking to cling onto what remains of opposition-controlled territory.

All this is brewing and furthering more escalations while they all claim to be “fighting against ISIS”.

So we have an all-out fighting between NATO ally Turkey and the US proxy forces in Syria, Russian forces against Muslim ‘rebels’ with the presence of hundreds of American troops based in Manbij.

Or is this war all about the U.S., Russia, Iran and Turkey are all maneuvering to ensure they have a permanent presence and influence in Syria?

So we have an Al Qaeda-aligned militias openly collaborate with the US. We have a US collaborating with pro-Caliphate Turkey while claiming they care about the Kurds.

Its all so confusing, unless of course, this war has nothing to do with terrorism.

And its obvious from these videos who shot the Russian Jet. Does “Allah Akbar” screamed by bearded Islamists sound like these are an ‘ally’?

Are there any fools out there who still believe that there is such a thing as a ‘war on terror’?

Of course, such fools constitute the majority.

Fools are plentiful.

But fact is, that there is nether Sunni nor Shiite, Republican nor Democrat … there are only the ‘wise’ and the ‘fools’.

Still confused?


  • Brick

    Yes, Mr. Shoebat, I am still confused.
    And, No, I am not confused.
    I am still confused because its all seems too chaotic, political, religious, and diplomatic to me.
    I am not confused, because I remember here the writers (you, Ted, Andrew, and others) showed that eventually its about God’s people against those belongs to Satan.
    However, I must confess my ignorance and simple mindedness and really need teachers in Jesus Christ to help me to learn.

  • Methusalem

    The Turks shot that Russian pilot — and The Russians won’t do a thing until the Big Day comes.

    By the way, what’s Erdogan doing in the Vatican? Pope Francis was very friendly to him — more friendly than he was towards Orthodox Christian leaders, like Patriarch Kirill.

  • Cuzick

    “But fact is, that there is nether Sunni nor Shiite, Republican nor Democrat … there are only the ‘wise’ and the ‘fools’.”

    I pray people understand the depth in this statement.

    • Ignatius

      Let’s stop the hatred towards the pope and the vatican because no matter how many wrong things they do they are still the head of the Church of Christ!

      And if you are a Catholic you accept that but don’t say I’m a catholic who rejects popes authority because that just makes you a heretic.

      Matthew 16,18
      In Jesus’s promises I trust

  • filomena seiffert

    One does not need to visit hell to see how demons treat their prey, all can see right here in this earth, only need to look how the terrorists treat their prey

  • Daniel Caro

    These Turks don’t care what denomination you are they want to kill all christians, Jews and many Muslims. I am a baby when it comes to bible education but all these powers in the same place is or it feels like the book of Daniel and the coming Armageddon. Most of these Muslims are deceived and follow the anti Christ but I believe many are good and even christian so I wish more than and anything we would rescue them and bring them to America so they could experience some amount of freedom and joy that they so deserve. Then attack these places with extreme prejudice with Russia as an ally against a common enemy.

  • John Magne Trane

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