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Watch The Video As Muslim Terrorist Attacks Christians Leaving Church In Russia And Murders Five People Before Being Killed By Police

A Muslim man attacked a church during services on Sunday In Russia near the border of Chechnya. He killed five people and injured several more before he was killed in a shootout with police after. Parishioners hid for their lives but one person was able to get some video of the ordeal: СРОЧНО! Момент стрельбы […]

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Muslim Terrorists Execute Three Christians, Shout “These Infidels Should Be Wiped Out”

Three Christians were executed this weekend by Muslim terrorists. According to witnesses they said “these infidels should be wiped out” as they did the killings: Suspected members of Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab shot three Christians to death in northeastern Kenya at 1 a.m. on Friday (Feb. 16), sources said. Targeting Kenyans who came from […]

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The Armenian Genocide teaches us how governments use terrorism to create propaganda to justify genocide

By Theodore Shoebat The genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman empire gives us a clear image on the strategy of scapegoating that uses terrorism to justify atrocities and the extermination of a whole race. This is the subject of today’s video:

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The World Is Sinking Into Debauchery, The Masses Are Watching And Demanding Incestual Pornography And Cartoons That Show Child Rape- This Will Lead To The Return Of The Horrors Of Sparta

Last year, warned that homosexuality and pedophilia are going to be two major themes in the years to come as they are inseparable connected to each other. The question is less of whether or not it is being promoted, but rather how that promotion is going to come about. Now pedophilia is a form […]

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Report: The government of Syria agrees to enter Afrin to fight Turkey in defense of the Kurds, Erdogan declares that his troops will fight Syria if Assad decides to do this

By Theodore Shoebat According to a Kurdish official the Assad government made a deal with Kurdish forces to defend Afrin against Turkey, although Turkey has said that this is not true/ Erdogan has declared that there will be great consequences for Syria if they decide to side with the Kurds. According to one report from […]

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Newt Gingrich Declares: Atheist philosophy is more dangerous than Muslim radicals

By Walid Shoebat Newt Gingrich just recently said that atheist philosophy is more dangerous than Muslim radicals.  Looking at the fact that atheist communists butchered countless millions, and also that atheists dominate the eugenist industry in Silicon Valley, and that there are many atheist behind the abortion killing machine, I cannot say that I disagree […]

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Veteran Reporter For Major Israeli News Station Declares ‘It Is Better For Women To Murder Their Children Instead Of Give Them Up For Adoption Because They Are Unwanted Anyways And Will Just Become Worthless Criminals’

Becky Griffin is a well-respected reporter for YNetnews, the largest newspaper in Israel. In response to the recent school shootings in Florida, she said that it would be better for women to murder babies than give them up for adoption because they are unwanted anyways and will just become worthless criminals: As America reels from another […]

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Egyptian Christians Open Brand New Church Dedicated To Martyrs Slaughtered By Muslim Terrorists In Infamous ISIS Video

On February 15th, 2015, ISIS terrorists captured 21 Coptic Christians and filmed themselves as they slaughtered the Christians on a beach in Libya one-by-one. The men, who were murdered for their faith in Christ, remained believers to the end. Three years later, the Coptic Orthodox Church has completed and opened the Church of Al-Shohadaa, or […]

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American Teenagers Attack Elderly Orthodox Priest, Beat Him And Them Run Over Him With An SUV

Two teenagers in North Carolina attacked an elderly Greek Orthodox priest. After waiting for the priest they attacked and beat him before running him over with an SUV and driving off. The priest survived and at least one of the teenagers were arrested that night: Fr. Steven Dalber, 67, of St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church […]

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