Archive | February 10, 2018

Israel Is Now bombing Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Israel is now bombing Syria, as we read in Reuters: Anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli warplane returning from a bombing raid on Iran-backed positions in Syria on Saturday in the most serious confrontations yet between Israel and Iranian-backed forces based across the border. The F-16, one of at least eight Israeli planes […]

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Muslim Boy Tells His Father That He Was Sexually Harassed By Other Boys, His Father Takes A Hot Piece Of Metal And “Irons” His Son’s Genitals As “Punishment” For Reporting The Harassment

A Muslim boy suffered a double dose of punishment after he told his father that he was being sexually harassed by other boys. In response his father took a piece of hot metal and “ironed” his son’s genitals as “punishment” for telling him according to a report: A consultant for behavior and autism at the […]

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Infamous LGBT Supporting Priest Says ‘Catholics Need To Support Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Because Condemnation Of Homosexuality Is Taken “Out Of Context With Biblical Times”‘

Fr. James Martin, who we have written about before, has established an infamous reputation for supporting the LGBT. In a recent speech, he said that homosexuality needs to be taken in “context” and said that Catholics could support homosexual marriage: The Bible’s condemnation of homosexual acts should be taken in “context” with Biblical times, Jesuit […]

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President Of Malta Says ‘We Should Change The Constitution To Make Malta A Secular Nation And Lose The Catholic Faith As Our Official Religion’

When people today say a nation is “Christian,” they mean it in the sense of a nation that has a large Christian population. However, historically many nations were explicitly “Christian” as recognized by the government, the first one being Ethiopia and then Armenia. Europe was once all this way until the Protestant Revolution, as also […]

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Muslim Mob Accuses University Student Of “Blasphemy,” Beats Him, Rips His Clothes Off, Shoots Him, Then Throws Him Off Of A Two-Story Building

While Muslim persecution of Christians is common, we have noted that Muslims treat fellow Muslims with the same or worse abuse than Christians and even use the same reasons, such as false claims of “blasphemy.” An example of this just took place in Pakistan, where a mob of 31 Muslims was charged with murder after […]

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