Archive | February 27, 2018

Muslim Turkey is now working to create nuclear weapons — The world is heading for war, the nations are turning their plowshares into swords

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat In order for Armageddon to spark, the nations must first turn their plowshares into swords. We have been seeing this for several years. Right now it is in its beginning stages, but it is growing. Turkey is pursuing the restoration of its empire. In doing so it is working […]

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Creepy Turkish Tyrant Erdogan Has Crying 6-Year-Old Girl Dressed In Military Uniform, Makes Her Go On Stage With Him And Kisses Her Face On National Television While Telling Her ‘You Will Be A Martyr, Allah Willing’

Turkish President Erdogan, who is known for his erratic and egotistical behavior as well as his open desire to revive the Ottoman Empire, had a six-year-old girl dressed in a military uniform and brought on stage with him. The girl was terrified, but Erdogan insisted on kissing her face and telling her that she will […]

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LGBT Wins Major Victory As 2nd US Appeals Court Declares That Homosexuals Are A Protected Class Under Law

The LGBT agenda won a major victory this week after the Second US Appeals Court, which covers Connecticut, New York, and Vermont, ruled that laws against homosexuality are not permitted because they violate Title VII of the Civil Rights act, effectively making homosexuality a legally protected class alongside race and gender “discrimination”: A federal appeals […]

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