Archive | February 12, 2018

UK Courts Force Midwife Out Of Her Job After Losing Court Case Because She Refused To Murder Unborn Babies

An elderly midwife was forced out of her job because she refused to oversee abortions. Her case went to Supreme Court and London who ruled against her after a six year battle according to a report: Mary Doogan sees herself like the driver of the getaway car in an armed robbery. ‘Would the police say […]

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Man Attacks Christians In Indonesia With A Sword During Church, Starts Hacking At People At Parts Of The Church Before Being Shot And Taken Away

A man ran into a church with a sword and started attacking Christians before attacking parts of the church itself. Thankfully nobody was killed and the man was stopped after an officer on duty saw the incident and shot the attacker according to a report: A priest and several churchgoers have been injured during a […]

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Turkey, Macedonia and the revival of the Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat The tension between Greece and Macedonia, over which one is related to the Alexandria the Great, is still going. This race obsessed nonsense is causing a problem that Turkey has been eyeing. Just recently Erdogan condemned Greece and took sides with Macedonia. Why is this happening? Turkey used to control Macedonia and […]

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The German government declares: There were on average four anti-Semitic attacks a day in the year 2017, the majority of them were right-wing

By Theodore Shoebat The German government has declared that there were on average four anti-Semitic a day in the year 2017. The great majority of them, according to the study, were right-wing motivated. This coincides with out suspicions: Nazi sentiment is growing. According to a report from RT: Germany saw an average of four anti-Semitic […]

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Man Burns One-Year-Old Child With 170 Degree Water, Then He Beats The Child So Badly He Has 100 Retinal Hemorrhages In His Eyes And Has To Have Brain Surgery

A man was arrested after severely beating his girlfriend’s one-year old child. According to police he first scalded the child with 170 degree water, and then after he beat the child so badly that he had 100 retinal hemorrhages and had to half brain surgery: A Hartford man faces 10 years in prison after pleading […]

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