Archive | February 4, 2018

Woman in North Dakota found guilty for ripping baby from woman’s womb and murdering her

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in North Dakota was found guilty for ripping a baby from a woman’s womb and murdering her. As we read in one report from Fox News: A North Dakota woman who earlier admitted killing a pregnant neighbor to get her baby did it by cutting the baby from the mother’s […]

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Man in Utah Attacks Cops And Brutally Beats Him, A good samaritan appears and saves the cop’s life with his concealed and carry handgun

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Utah attacked a police officer and began brutally beating him. The officer was rescued by a good samaritan with a carry and concealed handgun. Here is the video from Fox News: According to the report from Fox News: A Utah police officer who was being attacked on Friday was […]

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