Archive | February 9, 2018

Indian Courts Forced To Intervene After Protestant Christians Go On Anti-Catholic Rampage, Throw Catholics Out Of Village And Refuse To Bury Their Dead

Often times when India and Christians are in the news, it usually has to do with persecution of Christians at the hands of Hindu nationalists. However, in a recent story, the Indian courts were forced to intervene after a village in a primarily Baptist area decided to expel all Catholics from it and refuse to […]

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Homosexual Connects With Man On Gay Sex Pickup App, When They Meet Up One Of Them Attacks The Other With A Gang, Robs Him And Severely Beats Him With A Baton

Grindr is an infamous gay sex pickup app- the only reason people use it is for hookups. In a story out of Massachusetts, a homosexual connected with a man to meet up for smoking marijuana (and presumably more). When the met up, the man he connected with had two cars pull up and attacked the […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Murders Four People, Chops Up The Bodies, Burns The Parts And Stuffs Them In A Bag

Two members of a cartel murdered four people in Tijuana. Police found the gruesome scene of which the four were shot and chopped up, with some of the remains burned and the rest stuffed into bags: In different points of Tijuana, four executed -three in the same fact- as well as the finding of a […]

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Turkish Ministry Of Religious Affairs Gives Away 20 THOUSAND Korans In Central And South America- This Is Part Of Their Plan To Revive The Ottoman Empire

The Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV), which is administered by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs, is the official “charitable” arm of the Turkish government for promoting Islam. Recently the TDF gave 20 thousand Korans to people in Central and South America attempting to propagate Islam: The Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV) has donated a total of […]

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Homosexual Murders Six Men, Chops Their Bodies Up And Buries The Dismembered Parts In Plant Pots

A homosexual was charged with murder after police discovered the remains of six people he chopped up and put in plant pots: Police in Toronto say they’ve recovered the remains of at least six people from a property connected to accused serial killer Bruce McArthur, charged with the deaths of at least five gay men […]

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