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Christ-Hating Celebrity Sarah Silverman Says On Television Pro-Life Law “Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus”

Deranged celebrity Sarah Silverman, who famously said “I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I’d do it again, I’d f*cking do it again in a second,” said in a recent disgusting telethon intended to promote abortion that a pro-life law “makes me want to eat an aborted fetus”: Comedian Sarah Silverman is scraping the bottom […]

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Indian Catholic Bishops Declare At Nationwide Congress That Hindu Nationalist Racism, Poverty, And The Caste System Are India’s Biggest Challenges As She Faces An ‘Existential Crisis’

Christians in India have faced increasing persecution from Hindu nationalists, who declare they want to force all non-Hindus in India to convert to Islam or die, and then to revive the ancient Hindu caste system that since the time it was brought to India by the Persians has oppressed and forced into abject poverty billions […]

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Captured ISIS Fighter Tells Iraqi Woman Raped By Terrorists ‘I Murdered 900 People And Raped About 250 Women- It’s Not My Fault Because I Could Not Control My Desire’

In a recent documentary, a captured ISIS soldier was put face-to-face with an Iraqi woman who was raped by ISIS soldiers such as himself. In the interview he told the woman that he murdered 900 people, raped about 250 women, and said that it was not his fault because he was not able to control […]

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Hindu Saffron Terrorists Form A Mob And Tries To Attack Catholic Hospital With A Bulldozer And Rocks, Catholic Priests And Hospital Staff Form A Line And Stop The Mob, The Police Come And Charge The Priests With “Rioting” And “Criminal Intimidation”

Hindu terrorists formed a mob and attacked a Catholic hospital in India, throwing rocks at it and attempting to ram a bulldozer into it. Priests and hospital staff came and formed a human shield and  protected the hospital. After, police came and charged the priests with “rioting” and “criminal intimidation” for standing up to the […]

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Top Islamic Scholar And Terrorist Sympathizer Arrested For Sexual Assault Now DENIED Bail By Judge

Tariq Ramadan is one of the world’s top Islamic scholars today and is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. reported that he was arrested last week on charges of raping two women and at a recent hearing has been denied bail according to a report: The prominent Swiss academic Tariq Ramadan has […]

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Malaysian Muslim Political Party Leader Declares ‘When We Get Power, We Will Establish Islamic Shariah Law And We Have Non-Muslims Execute Its Punishments’

Throughout history, one of the ways that Islam gets non-Muslims to convert to Islam is they compel them to participate in Islamic legal and social institutions. This pulls many of them away from their religion with time and eventually either they or their children convert to Islam. In Malaysia, the leader of Malaysia’s Muslim political […]

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Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares: Priests can give blessings to homosexual unions

By Theodore Shoebat A major leader of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, has stated that giving blessings to homosexual unions is up to the individual priest. In one interview, Karin Wendlinger asked Marx: “So you really could imagine a way to bless homosexual couples in the Catholic Church?” to which Marx said: Yes, however there are […]

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