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Hinduism Is A Racist religion, India is one of the most racist countries on earth. And if we accept the alt-right, then we will become no different than India

By Theodore Shoebat Hinduism is a racist religion, and India is a very racist country. What would happen if we accept this alt-right ideology with its race obsession, then we will become no different than India. This is the subject of today’s video:

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Watch The Last Moments Of Russian Pilot Air Force Major Roman Filippov Surrounded By Muslim Terrorist Bastards

By Walid Shoebat Videos of the last moments of Air Force Major Roman Filippov surfaced. He was armed with only a handgun and grenades, surrounded by Muslim terrorists shooting at him as he glided in his parachute being shot at by whom Russia calls “terrorists” and the U.S. simply calls “Anti-Assad rebels.” So which is it? Who […]

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University Shuts Down Amid Chaos After Muslim Student Government Candidate Loses Election And The Muslims Riot, Attacking Christians, Kill One Student And Injure Two, And Then Claim ‘It Was Because Of Blasphemy Against The Prophet Of Islam’

Muslim students are rioting right now at the Federal University of Technology in Nigeria after a Muslim student government candidate lost to a Christian candidate. Almost immediately after it happened a rumor went around that somebody ‘blasphemed Mohammed’ on a Facebook page, and the Muslim students started rioting and the univeristy is working to regain […]

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Christians Flee For Their Lives As Muslim Raiders Burn 50 Homes, Destroy Churches And Slaughter Eight Christians

Christians have been fleeing for their lives as they are being hunted by Muslim raiders throughout Nigeria. In the past two weeks 50 homes have been burned, churches destroyed and at least eight people killed in the raids: Attacks on villages in north-central Nigeria that killed eight Christians in the past two weeks were carried […]

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Women Take Five-Year-Old Girl, Tie Her Down, Burn Her Face Off With Chemicals While Bleeding Her With Needles In “Voodoo Ritual”, Then Threaten To Chop Up Her 8-Year-Old Brother With A Machete If He Told Anybody

Two women were arrested after they performed a “voodoo ritual” that burned the face off of a five-year-old girl. They took chemicals and rubbed them on her face and in her eyes that left her with third degree burns. Worse, they threatened to chop up her eight-year-old brother with a machete if he said anything: […]

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