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Muslim Woman Declares ‘I Enjoy Having Sex With A Genie- He Is Better Than My Husband And Fulfills My Fantasies’

A Muslim woman made a shocking statement in which she declared that she enjoys having sex with genies, or jinn, , that they fulfill her fantasies and are better than her husband: “I have this terrible secret that I keep from my husband,” Leila (real name withheld) told The Nairobian. “I cheat on him with […]

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Anyone who insists on using the term “Polish death camps” is believing in propaganda that was invented by the Nazis

By Theodore Shoebat Anyone who insists on using the term “Polish death camps” is believing in propaganda that was invented by the Nazis. I talk about this in my most recent video:  From Haaretz: West German intelligence officer and former Nazi operative Alfred Benzinger is credited with coming up with the term in 1956 […]

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Islamic Terrorists kidnapped Christian woman, One Islamic Terrorist felt sorry for her and helped her escape. When She returned home, she found her husband beheaded

By Theodore Shoebat  An amazing story has been brought to light. A pregnant Christian woman in Nigeria was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists. One of the terrorists felt sorry for her and helped her to escape. When the woman returned home, she found her husband beheaded. As we read in one report on this story […]

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The Government of Poland is enraged with the State of Israel For calling German Nazi concentration camps “Polish Death Camps,” And Declares To Israel: ‘Stop Calling them Polish death camps, they were German death camps!’

By Theodore Shoebat  The government of Poland is enraged with the State of Israel after Israeli officials have insisted on using the term “Polish death camps” when describing German Nazi death camps. The Poles are angry for obvious reasons, because the death camps were not made by Poles, but by the German government who was […]

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Well-Known Local Muslim Man Tricks Seven-Year-Old Christian Boy Walking Home From School, Lures Him To A Farm, Then Rips His Clothes Off And Tries To Strangle Him To Death While Violently Sodomizing Him

Thankfully the man was caught quickly and the boy survived the horrible ordeal, but without serious scars: A Christian boy of only 7 years old was brutally sodomized by a Muslim rapist who later fled the scene when two Christian men ran to the screaming boy and rescued him from his terrifying and brutal ordeal. […]

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Grandson Of The Founder Of The Muslim Brotherhood And One Of The Biggest Muslim Scholars In The World Arrested On RAPE Charges

Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the biggest Islamic scholar in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. He was just arrested by police in his home of Switzerland after an investigation from two women who say that he raped them according to […]

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Pervert grabs eight month old baby, and sodomizes her almost to death. The baby is now suffering from internal bleeding and is on life support

By Theodore Shoebat A demonic pervert in India sodomized an 8 month old baby girl almost to death. The baby is now suffering from internal bleeding. As we read in one report from Al Jazeera: An eight-month-old baby girl has been raped in India’s capital, New Delhi, allegedly by her 28-year-old cousin while her parents […]

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Muslim Men In Sweden found guilty of entering a couple’s apartment, stabbing the wife to death and then taking the husband and butchering him

By Theodore Shoebat A group of Muslim men in Sweden have been found guilty of the horrific murder of a couple. They stabbed the wife to death and butchered the husband. As we read in one report from the Local: Five men have been convicted of murders in the Hallonbergen suburb of Stockholm, where in […]

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Chinese scientists make the first cloned monkey babies. This is all part of a eugenist nazi plan to farm human beings and enslave humanity

By Theodore Shoebat Scientists in China are acting like they have just achieved some scientific greatness after they mixed the cells of an aborted monkey fetus with some other parts of monkey eggs, implanted hundreds of monkey fetuses and only managed to have two survive. They are calling these poor monkey survivors “clones.” This is […]

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Woman Sells Her Daughter For $800 To Sex Traffickers. They Take The Girl To A Hospital Where Her Virginity is tested. Once it is confirmed that she is a virgin, they take her to a hotel where she is raped for three days

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in Cambodia sold her own daughter to sex traffickers for $800. The traffickers took the daughter to a hospital where she was confirmed as a virgin. Afterwards they took her to a hotel where she was raped for three days. As we read in a report from Christian Post: A […]

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Muslim High School Students Demand Christian Teens Convert To Islam At School And They Refuse, The Muslims Attack Them And Stab Them With Knives

Muslim high school students demanded that a group of fellow Christian high schoolers. When the teens refused, the Muslims attacked, beating them and stabbing them with knives: Muslim students at a high school in Nairobi on Tuesday night (Jan. 23) beat and stabbed Christians who refused to convert to Islam, a local source said. Tensions […]

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Latino Evangelical Christianity Is Committing Suicide Along With Its American Cousin, It Does Not Matter What Social Group, The Teens Are Leaving And Not Returning

Christianity in America is in big trouble. But whereas the Catholics and mainline Protestants have known about their problems for years, it is only being acknowledged now of the systemic problems that plague American and Latino “Evangelical” Christianity that may be worse than the other two. According to the Pew Forum, there is a seemingly […]

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Muslims Kidnap And Savagely Torture Africans, Melt Plastic On His Naked Body, As He Screams For Help They Tell Him “Shut Up!”

In a horrible video that appeared recently, a group of Muslims kidnapped a group of African men and savagely tortured them, including melting plastic on the naked body of one man. As he screamed for help they told him to “shut” up as he writhed in pain. Here is the video:  Now there is […]

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The US Senate Declares That Its Okay To Murder Your Child After 20 weeks of pregnancy

By Theodore Shoebat More eugenics coming out of the United States government, with the Senate blocking a bill that would make it illegal to get an abortion after 20 weeks. Here is the report from Politico: The Senate on Monday blocked a bill, backed by President Donald Trump, to ban abortion after 20 weeks of […]

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Illegal Immigration Is Never going away, because corporations make millions of dollars from illegal immigrants being detained in the private prison system

By Theodore Shoebat Illegal immigration is always going to be an issue in the United States. Why? Because corporations and lobbyists make tremendous amounts of money by pushing for laws that imprison and deport illegal immigrants. As long as there is money to be made from this, there will always be illegals. I did a […]

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You Cannot Have Morality Without God. Secular Ethics Is Evil And Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat For years I have been hearing arguments for certain moral laws from secular ethicists. While they may have good arguments against evils like euthanasia, assisted suicide, homosexuality, abortion and the like, their foundation is vacuous of God, and thus subject to human capriciousness. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity […]

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