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Trump now wants the US military to have French style marching parades

By Theodore Shoebat Trump now wants the US military to have French style marching parades. I wonder if this is a strategy to boost military enthusiasm? According to a report from CNN: President Donald Trump has asked for a military parade and the Pentagon is reviewing potential dates, Pentagon spokesman Charlie Summers said Tuesday. The […]

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6.4 Earthquake kills two people and injures 200 people in Taiwan

By Walid Shoebat A 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan killed two people and injured 200 people. This horrific event has been captured in several videos: According to the US Geological Service, the epicenter of the quake was 10km deep, some 22km east-northeast of Hualien City. The earthquake struck at 11:50 PM local time and then what […]

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Teenager Offers To Give Grieving Woman A Ride Home From Funeral Of Mutual Friend, When She Gets In His Car He Attacks Her And Tortures Her To Death By Ripping Her Crotch Out Of Her Body With A Car Jack And Leaving Her To Die

Svetlana Sapogova and Danil Cheshko attended the funeral of a mutual friend. As they were leaving, Cheshko offered to give Sapogova a ride home. She accepted, but when she got in the car he attacked her and tortured her to death in the car by ripping her crotch out of her body with a car […]

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Americans Riot In The Streets Of Philadelphia, Burn Cars And Attack Police Over A Football Game

Excited football fans expressed their joy at the recent Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Superbowl victory by taking to the streets in a show of drunken rioting. Smashed bottles, burned cars, fighting, and general mayhem erupted as people climbed statues, jumped from hotel awnings, and screamed as they looted gas stations and momentarily turned what decent parts […]

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Seven People Arrested After Taking Three Small Boys, Raping Them Repeatedly While Filming It, Then Bleeding Them And Forcing Them To Drink Their Own Blood For THREE Years

Theresa Cook, one of the women arrested for abuse Seven people were arrested after sexually abusing three small boys for three years. The group of men and women raped the boys and filmed it, beat the children, and bled them and forced them to drink their own blood according to the reports: Seven members of […]

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Christians In India Say They Are ‘In Fear For Their Lives Because What Was Once Extreme Persecution Is Now Normal’ As Hindu Terrorists Threaten And Attack Christians With Impunity

Christians in India say they are in fear for their lives in light of growing Hindu nationalism. Saying that what once was considered extreme is now normal, Christians are under constant harassment and attack from Hindu terrorists who brag with impunity they want to force the Christians to convert to Hinduism or die: IN the […]

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Personally Berates Young Woman On National Television For Saying “Mankind,” Says “It’s Peoplekind, Not Mankind”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who enjoys showing off his love of feminism, homosexuality, Islam, “inclusivity” and all such things recently berated a young woman on national television at a town hall meeting for using the word “mankind.” He said that she should have said “peoplekind” instead to be more “inclusive”: Just when you thought Prime […]

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Man Repeatedly Smashes 11-Week Old Puppy With A Hammer Then Kills It By Cooking It Alive In The Microwave And Posting The Video Online

A man murdered an 11-week-old puppy, named “Sparky,” in an incredibly cruel way. He smashed the puppy repeatedly with a hammer and then killed it by cooking it alive in a microwave. During the entire time he took photos and video that he posted online which lead to his arrest: Cops in Northern Ireland have […]

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Indonesian National Medical Guide Now Declares Homosexuality To Be A Mental Disorder

The Health Ministry of Indonesia is set to publish their health manual this week. It has also made news because it refers to homosexuality and homosexual behavior as a mental disorder. This comes at the same time as Indonesia is seeking to pass a law formally criminalizing homosexuality: Indonesia is about to publish a medical […]

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