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Norman AI Psychopath

MIT Intentionally Creates “Psychopath A.I.” Program has been warning about the dangers of A.I., saying that while the technology holds many great potential benefits, there are serious threats it also poses due to it being such a powerful tool. In the hands of the wrong person, the creation of “malevolent A.I.” would have the potential to cause untold problems. Such […]

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Blood Donation 01

Most Prominent Vectors Of HIV Start Blood Drive In Memory Of Other HIV Vectors

Homosexuals are the greatest medically documented vector in the spread of HIV. This has been documented by the CDC and written about by us at Now, people have started a fundraiser to donate blood to the survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting: The nonprofit OneBlood is launching a donation drive this week in honor […]

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The Changes In MMA Fighting Will Result In The Return Of The Coliseum Of Ancient Rome

Yesterday, I posted an article about the legalization of bare-knuckle fighting in Wyoming. This is a major change, because such fights have been banned since the 19th century and the last of such fights, which was held illegally, was in 1889. In May 2018, I did another article about another phenomenon in American fighting circles, […]

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Muslims Attack And Declare Jihad Against Christians In Uganda For Preaching Christianity To Muslims

A group of Muslims in Uganda attacked a group of Christian ministers in Uganda and called for a jihad against Christians in Uganda for preaching the gospel to Muslims: A group on Muslims have attacked Christians preachers, accusing them of “despising Islamic teachings at their crusade”. The crusade that was presided over by Pastor Moses […]

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Muslim Woman Who Converted For Her Husband Abandons Islam, Her Own Sons Are Now Trying To Hunt Her Down And Murder Her

A Muslim woman in Australia who had converted to Islam for her husband recently left Islam. In response, her own sons have been hunting her, trying to murder her: A Melbourne woman who told how she felt like an “animal” and a “slave” while practising Islam says she hopes she’ll inspire other female Muslims to […]

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