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The United States Government Is Now Talking About Giving Germany Very Powerful Missile Defense Systems In Order To Strengthen The German Military. This Is Another Sign That World War Three Is On The Way

By Theodore Shoebat The US military has been having serious talks about moving a very formidable missile defense system to Germany to strengthen “European defenses,” according to two sources who are close to the situation. Although some people who are studying this potential action warn that such a move could spark tensions with Russia. The […]

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Pornography Use Among Americans Is Exploding, An Absolute Majority Of American Men Now See No Moral Problem With It

According to recent poll, 43% of Americans now say that pornography is morally acceptable, reaching a new level of support. Most interesting was that American men under 50 have a support of 67% while women are at 41%, both reaching new highs, with support increasing by each successive generation: Forty-three percent of Americans now believe […]

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Burmese Government Exposed Committing Genocide, Raped And Murdered Thousands Of Christians In Myanmar

Thousands of Christians have been raped and murdered by the Burmese Government in what is being called a secret genocide that is just being revealed: An investigative report has revealed that in isolated regions of Myanmar, which has been accused of carrying out a genocide against Rohingya Muslims, the Burmese military has also been ethnically […]

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Homosexual Meth User And Child Porn Distributor Tells Judge ‘I Intentionally Contracted HIV So I Could Infect Others’

A homosexual man arrested for distributing child pornography and methamphetamine possession in Arkansas admitted to intentionally contracting the HIV virus so that he could spread it to other people: During a court sentencing, a Northwest Arkansas man admitted to purposely contracting HIV, so he could infect others with the virus. Stephen Koch pleaded guilty Monday […]

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California Passes Major Law Regulating Water Use In California- This Will Be Used To Push Eugenics

California is known for many odd or stringent regulations, but a new law signed in by Governor Brown has many people angry, as it regulates water use in the state and imposes strict fines for those who violate it: Governor Jerry Brown is retiring but not before he passes a few draconian laws as parting […]

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