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Canadian Supreme Court Rules That Christian School Can Lose Its Accreditation Because It Will Not Deny Biblical Teaching On Homosexuality

Homosexuals said for years they would never try to tell Christians what to believe, let alone discriminate against them. However, that was always a lie, as evidenced by a recent ruling from the Canadian Supreme Court which said that a Christian school can be denied accreditation because they will not promote homosexuality: Canada’s highest court […]

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Africa Machete Streets

Muslims Terrorist Take Knives, Attack And Hack To Death Two Christians Walking Home From Church

Two Christians walking home from church were attacked and hacked to death with knives by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria: Islamic radical herdsmen ambushed and hacked to death two Christians in central Nigeria as they left an evangelical church service and were making their way home. Morning Star News reported on Thursday that Ibrahim Weyi, 45, […]

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Milo Yiannopoulos Attacks Ben Shapiro In Conservative War Of Words- Could There Be Something Bigger Behind This?

A scandal in the “conservative” world has erupted as Milo Hanrahan, a.k.a. “Milo Yiannopoulos,” published a series of memos showing how the fast-talking and war-promoting Ben Shapiro through the conservative group “Young Americans for Liberty” is attempting to attack the Turning Point USA project, another major conservative media project: A damning internal memo leaked to […]

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dollar and yuan splt

President Trump Imposes Tariffs On China In Major Moves Towards US Isolationalism and Protectionism

President Trump as just announced massive tariffs on Chinese-made products amid moves toward asserting American protectionism: The White House has announced a 25-percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods in what it calls a clampdown on unfair trade practices by Beijing. The US trade representative’s office said it issued a revised China tariff […]

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Canadian Judge Decides To Re-write The Laws Of Nature, Says A Child Has “Three” Parents Because Of Mother’s Poydandry

A Canadian judge decided to re-write the laws of nature on behalf of a couple living in a polyandrous relationship (one woman, two men). The child’s birth certificate will not read his biological mother and father, but his mother and the two males that she is in a relationship with: A Newfoundland judge has declared […]

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