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Nigerian Christian Leaders Warn ‘Christianity Is In Danger Of Going Extinct From Nigeria In 25 Years From Islamic Terrorism’

Major Christian leaders across Nigeria, in response to the continual massacres of Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists, have stated that Christianity may be exterminated from Nigeria in 25 years: Nigerian Christian leaders have warned that if the current rate of massacres continue, with hundreds of believers being killed each month, Africa’s most-populous nation […]

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trump and merkel

Trump Agrees With Angela Merkel That Germany Must Strengthen Its Military. Trump Is Only Helping The Germans To Become The Most Dominant Military Force In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Griff Witte wrote a very interesting article for the Washington Post, showing that Trump and Merkel both agree that Germany needs to strengthen its military. While Trump is simply presenting his wishes as a request for Germany to “pay their fair share” to NATO. While Germany is advocating for a military boost […]

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Middle Eastern Christians Declare ‘Russia, Not The USA, Is Defending Our Christian Faith’

According to a recent report, Christians from the Middle East are saying that they see Russia as defending them and Christianity as opposed to the USA, who they view as having perpetuated conflict and harmed them: War was swirling in Syria. Rebels were pressing. And Maan Bitar was the only hope for American help. “Because […]

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Catalonia Admits That They Are Destroying Their Tourism Industry And Replacing Their Population With Unemployable Refugees Because They Are Following The Teutonic Master Plan For Starting World War III

Catalonia has declared not war on “migrants,” but war on the sector of their economy which makes up 12% of their wealth, which is from tourism and tourists: Early last year, around 150,000 people in Barcelona marched to demand that the Spanish government allow more refugees into the country. Shortly afterwards, “Tourists go home, refugees […]

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Philippines President Duterte Goes On Blasphemous Rampage, Curses God On National Television So Much That Major Archbishop Declares “He Is Possessed”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has received international attention for his tough actions against drug dealers, has turned his rage against God Himself and the Catholic Church, by going on national television and cursing God, calling Him “stupid”. After recent tirades against priests and the Church’s “hypocrisy,” President Rodrigo Duterte cursed God and called God […]

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A demonstrator fires a homemade mortar towards riot police during a protest over a controversial reform to the pension plans of the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS) in Managua, Nicaragua April 21, 2018. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas

Baby Shot Dead In Clashes In Nicaragua As The Country Is On The Verge Of Civil War

By Theodore Shoebat A baby was shot dead in Nicaragua, a country that looks to be on the verge of civil war. As we read in one report from CNBC: A fresh outburst of violence in Nicaragua over the weekend has claimed the life of a one-year-old boy as well as six more adults, according […]

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