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Men Are Doing Plenty To Try And Get Married, It Is That Women Would Rather Choose A Child Molester Over A Decent Human Being

“Nice guys” don’t just finish last, but women today often times hate them in spite of their attempts at romance. Instead, if a man wants to win the hearts and minds of women, he should improve himself, starting with the sexual abuse of children. At least, that is the conclusion of many women in two […]

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We Are Now At The Point Where Pedophilia Is Being Normalized. Don’t Be Surprised To See Pedophilia Being Pushed Just As Homosexuality Has Been Advanced

By Theodore Shoebat When homosexuality started getting pushed on society, the general population did not expect to see that one day, such an agenda would take over media outlets and speaking platforms as it has done today (to the point that now supposed ‘conservatives’) are pushing Sodom. Now they are pushing pedophilia. Do not be […]

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Islamic Terrorists Capture Seven Innocent People And Slit Their Throats Just Because They Could

Islamic terrorists in Nigeria attacked a group of people foraging for firewood. Seven of the men had their throats slit according to a report: At least seven people were slaughtered while dozens sustained injures when they encountered Boko Haram terrorists at a village in Damboa, Borno State, on Tuesday, local vigilante said. The incident occurred […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Shepherd Grazing His Sheep, Bash His Head In With Rocks, Take A Blade And Slice Off His Nose While He Is Still Alive

A Tunisian shepherd died after he was attacked by Islamic terrorists who bashed his head in with rocks and cut off his nose while he was still alive. He later died from his injuries: A Tunisian shepherd has died from wounds sustained when he was attacked over the weekend by jihadists in the country’s mountainous […]

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