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Pedophilia Supporter Milo Yiannopoulos Wants Death Squads To Murder Journalists He Doesn’t Like

  By Theodore Shoebat Milo Yiannopoulos has supported pedophilia and eugenics (stating that homosexuals inherit ‘high IQs’ through their ‘gay genes). Now he is taking the inevitable step of every citizen of Sodom: a desire for tyranny, stating that he wants death squads to round up journalists and execute them:   

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Chinese Declare They Will Increase Military Presence In Africa, Invite African Generals To China

China has been moving into Africa for about two decades, but recently declared they will make a major push into the continent, going so far as to say they will place military troops there as well as have invited African generals to China: China’s economic influence as an investor and trade partner continues to grow […]

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China’s President To James Mattis: “We Cannot Lose Even One Inch Of The Territory Left Behind By Our Ancestors”.

By Theodore Shoebat China’s president, Xi Jingping, declared in a meeting to James Mattis: “We cannot lose even one inch of the territory left behind by our ancestors”. According to one report from Asia News: The US defence secretary went to Beijing two days ago to meet with the Chinese president. The dispute over the South […]

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Islamic Terrorists Butcher Two Hundred Christians In Horrific Killing Spree

By Theodore Shoebat It is reported that Islamic terrorists in Nigeria slaughtered two hundred Christians, as we read in one report from the Christian Post: Over 200 people, most of them believed to be Christians, were massacred over three days in Nigeria this past weekend, officials and church sources are saying, as the relentless bloodshed […]

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