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Major Officials Within The German Government Declare That They Want To Make Military Enlistment Mandatory. Be Prepared For The Next Great War In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Major officials in Germany are now seriously discussing bringing back the draft. Talk about bring back the draft was opened after Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, secretary general of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic (CDU) Party shocked people when she proposed the reintroduction of national service. “I can promise now – we will discuss the issue of conscription […]

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hindu nationalist terrorism 01

Pagan Terrorists In India Tell Christians ‘We Will Destroy A Church Every Week’

In response to the spread of Christianity throughout India, pagans have threatened Christians that in addition to the persecution that Christians already experience, that they will destroy a church each week according to a report: Christian villagers in a rural district of India’s Maharashtra state have been told that one church will be closed down […]

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How a satanic cult collaborated with Muslims to destroy Europe

By Theodore Shoebat After King St. Louis lost the battle of Mansura against the Turkic Khwarizim and Egyptian Muslims in the year 1250, in which his soldiers were either wiped out or (like him) captured, and he was eventually released, he settled in and ran the Latin Kingdom of the Holy Land until 1254. During […]

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morbid incident

Drug Terrorists Hack Man’s Arms And Legs Off And Mock Him As He Is Dying, Make Threats To The Public And Say “I’m Going To Tear Your Limbs Off”

Life for many people in Mexico and parts of Central America is a horror story, except that it is real. Drug terrorist gangs fight with each other and against the government with the people stuck in the middle, subject to their violent and tyrannical rule. In a recent video released by drug terrorists, they hacked […]

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burma home fire 01

Burmese Soldiers Attack Christian Pastors, Beat Them With Rifles Before Destroying Christian Homes

Two Christian youth pastors were attacked by Burmese soldiers while trying to stop the destruction of Christian homes according to a report: Two youth pastors were beaten and bloodied at the hands of the Myanmar militia while trying to protect Christian homes from being destroyed. Morning Star News reported that the two youth pastors, members […]

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Nine-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped, Gang-Raped, And Strangled To Death With A Telephone Wire After Her Family Embraces Christianity

Anti-Christian violence has come to define life for Christians in India, where an average of one Christian is attacked every 40 hours and that number has been worsening. In another tragic incident, a nine-year-old girl whose family just converted to Christianity was kidnapped, gang-raped, and strangled to death with a telephone wire: A nine-year-old girl […]

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Muslim Terrorists In Nigeria Attack Village, Kidnap Seven People And Slice Off Their Heads Before Burning The Village Down

Islamic terrorists attacked a village and Nigeria, kidnapped seven people and sliced their heads off before burning the village down according to a report: even people were killed in a dawn raid in a village in northeast Nigeria, local militia and a resident said Tuesday of a suspected Boko Haram attack. Gunmen in trucks and […]

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The German Government Air Lifts Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Fighting Russia And Gives Them Medical Treatment

By Theodore Shoebat So it turns out that Germany backs the neo-Nazi Ukrainians who have been fighting Russia. There is information showing that the Germans were airlifting Ukrainian neo-Nazis to give them medical attention. As we read in one report from RT: Germany treated more than 100 soldiers from Ukraine since 2014 but doesn’t know […]

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