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The US Government, The Private Prison System And Lobbyists Are Using Illegal Immigration For Power, To Make Money And To Promote Eugenics

By Theodore Shoebat The story of a caravan of thousands of migrants coming from Honduras has, quite expectedly, sparked emotions amongst the American populace. I believe that this is really the whole point of the situation. Thousands of people coming from Honduras, reportedly fleeing violence and poverty, heading right for the United States. While this […]

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Atheist Chinese Government Caught On Video Destroying Christian Churches

The Communist Chinese government has been destroying Churches throughout China is what one priest has described as a government-backed war on religion, Christianity, and God. In a recent video, government workers were shown destroying a churcH: Chinese Communist workers were caught on video severing a church rooftop cross earlier this month in Wenzhou, as part […]

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Church Of England Declares That The UK Government Must Accept Genital Self-Mutilators

The Church of England was born out of the spirit of the nationalistic impulses of the 16th century, and so with each passing century continues to more fully reflect the spirit of the age as opposed to the spirit of the Gospel. In another step down on the ladder towards the abyss of perdition, the […]

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Protestant Drug Cult Leader Sentenced To Three Decades In Prison

Los Caballeros Templarios is a major drug cult in Mexico that, unknown to most people, owes its existence and sustenance directly to the American Evangelical Protestant writer John Eldridge, something which we have written about before. The cult has engaged in not just drug trafficking, but human sacrifice, organ trafficking, and mass murder throughout Mexico. […]

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Serial Cannibal Murders Twenty Women, Cuts Their Legs Into Steaks And Eats Them With His Wife, Feeds The Remains To Dogs, Says “If You Let Me Out Of Jail I Will Do It Again”

A serial murderer and cannibal in Mexico has been arrested with his wife for murdering and eating at this point no less than twenty women, and then feeding their remains to dogs. While in custody, he said that if he is let out of jail he would continue according to a report: Juan Carlos, dubbed […]

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