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The Horrific Martyrdom of St. Jean de Brebeuf

By Theodore Shoebat In this video I talk about the horrific martyrdom of St. Jean de Brebeuf, how he was murdered by sadistic pagans — members of the Iroquois Indians — and how such barbarism will appear upon the rejection of God, even in the West: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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Meth-Peddling Sodomite Murdered In Drug Deal Gone Bad Given Burial At Episcopal Church’s Washington National Cathedral

Matthew Shepherd has been made by the LGBT into an “American martyr” because, as they say, he was murdered because he was a sodomite and which was used to advance the social agenda of sodom. However, as one author revealed, Shepherd was a well-known methamphetamine peddler and addict, a drug which is common to homosexual […]

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UK Television Show Has Contestant Consume Urine And Feces As Part Of A “Challenge”

A recent UK television show had a contestant, celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, consume urine and feces as part of a “guess what this is” challenge: Celebrity Juice fans have blasted a “vile” challenge on the ITV show – which many viewers are claiming went “too far”. Those tuning in were left utterly repulsed by the […]

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South African Sodomite Declares That All Churches Are Hypocritical And “You Have To Be Gay To Know God”

Just as homosexuality is but one form, and per the words of Sacred Scripture a particularly heinous one, of license, the arrogant behavior of the LGBT knows no boundaries than that of its own will. As such, a recent homosexual writer in South Africa released a book reflecting his view that all churches are hypocritical […]

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University Student Dies After Hazing Ritual, Forced To Drink Alcohol From Decapitated Pigs Head, Bob For Apples In Tub Of Urine

A UK university student died after a savage hazing ritual in which he was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol from a decapitate pigs head, and then bob for apples in a tub of urine according to a report: An Economics student died after a university ‘initiation’ which involved drinking vodka from a pig’s […]

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Alexander Nathan Barter Credit: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Man Arrested For Offering To Murder Man’s Daughter, Masturbate On Her Corpse, Then Cannibalize The Remains

A Texas man was arrested by police after going onto the darknet and offering to murder a man’s daughter, masturbate on her remains, and then eat her flesh before disposing of the rest: A Shelby County man has been arrested after an undercover sting revealed his intent to sexually assault and murder a minor, according […]

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Apple CEO Blasphemes God, Says That Being A Sodomite Is “God’s Greatest Gift To Me”

Apple computer CEO and openly professing sodomite Tim Cook in a recent interview mentioned his sexual behaviors and said that being a homosexual was “God’s greatest gift to me”: Apple CEO Tim Cook – who is worth nearly $800 million – calls being gay the best thing that ever happened to him. “I’m very proud […]

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Famous Sodomite Known For Mimicking Bestiality On Social Media With His “Partner” Dies After Injecting Silicone Into His Genitals

His Facebook cover photo A famous sodomite on social media known for his “pup/master” mock animal sex relationship with his “partner” died after a failed attempt to enlarge his genitals by injecting them with silicone: A gay man has died after injecting silicone into his genitals. 28-year-old Jack Chapman (also known as Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen) […]

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Mother And Her Boyfriend Chain Three-Year-Old To Wooden Pallet, Force Him To Eat Salt, Strap A Belt Around His Neck For Two Months, When He Dies They Cover His Corpse In Concrete

A mother was arrested after she and her boyfriend savagely tortured her three-year-old son for two months that included force-feeding him salt, chaining him to a wooden pallet, and choking him with a belt. When he died from the abuse, they tried to hide his remains by encasing them in concrete according to a report: […]

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