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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Mexican Police With Automatic Weapons Just Minutes From The US-Mexican Border

US Interstate 2E to 69E runs from McAllen, TX to Brownsville, TX along the US-Mexican border and corresponds roughly with the Mexican equivalent from the respective border towns of Reynosa to Matamoros along the Reynosa-Matamoros Highway. Both roads are minutes from the border. A recent video has come out of a drug cartel attack on […]

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yemen destruction rubble

Eighty-Five Thousand Children In Yemen Are Dead From Malnutrition And Absolutely No One Cares

Yemen is a humanitarian disaster as thousands of people have died, many from starvation or thirst, especially children, which according to a recent estimate 85,000 children have died of malnutrition: An estimated 85,000 children under the age of five may have died from acute malnutrition in three years of war in Yemen, a leading charity […]

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Muslims Attack And Burn Down Christian School In Pakistan

A group of Muslim youths attacked and burned down a Christian school in Pakistan to the ground, leaving nothing but ash and rubble according to a report: Suspected Muslim youths in the wee hours of Wednesday allegedly burnt down a private school in Yelwa area of Bauchi near the Customs office. Suspected Muslim youths in […]

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chinese consulate pakistan

Suicide Bombers Attack Chinese Consulate In Pakistan

Terrorism is a major problem in Pakistan and it has been known to be for a long time. However, this time a terrorist attack recently happened in Pakistan where three suicide bombers attacked the Chinese consulate before being killed: Three heavily-armed suicide bombers on Friday stormed the Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s largest metropolis Karachi, killing […]

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Muslims Attack The Prime Minister Of Pakistan For Saying That Jesus Did Not Exist

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan are attacking Prime Minister Imran Khan for stating that Christ did not exist. According to a report from RT: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to share an unexpected historical insight: Jesus Christ apparently never existed. Predictably, this landed him in hot water. To make matters worse, Khan made […]

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