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Turkish-Backed Rebels Kidnap And Make Video Of Themselves Torturing And Mercilessly Beheading Syrian Man

A Syrian man was picked up by a Turkish-backed rebel group and accused of being a spy. In response, the group made a video of them torturing the man before slowly beheading him: The Turkish-backed rebels beheaded a Syrian man that was accused of working with the Syrian government in an undisclosed area in northern […]

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Twitter War Started By Aging And Objectively Disgusting Film Prostitute Illustrates The Reason Why Any Claim Of “Anti-Semitism” Must Be Investigated Before It Is Believed

Fox news reported on January 9th that “anti-semitic attacks” were the reason why the aging porn whore turned convert to Judaism on behalf of her Israeli businessman husband Jenna Jameson left twitter: Jenna Jameson is taking an “indefinite break” from Twitter after receiving multiple attacks on her faith and sobriety. The former adult film star […]

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The Current Alpha And Beta Male Paradigm Is A Perversion Of The Difference Between Potentiality And Actuality

Online message boards and discussions have certain recurring themes that people bring up for years, and the discussions seem to go “in a circle” without any foreseeable end. One of these discussions is the “alpha/beta male” argument for who is an alpha male and who is a “beta” male. The terms “alpha” and “beta” have […]

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Violence In Ukraine Is A Bloody Image That Presages Another Horrific War That Will Devastate Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Millions of people have suffered in Ukraine because of the political machinations of both NATO and Russia. A recent report from the BPB recounts this dismal reality: Since 2014, more than 10,000 people have died in the war. According to the German Red Cross , around 3.4 million people were dependent on humanitarian aid in […]

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