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Jewish Settler On Trial For Stoning Palestinian Woman To Death In Racist Attack

Often times one hears frequent news about attacks by Palestinians against Jews. However, the other also happens frequently but is seldom talked about. In a recent case, a Jewish settler is facing murder charges after he and a group of other settlers launched a racially-motivated attack against a Palestinian woman driving in her car. During […]

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graveyard in chamula mexico

Mexican Murder Rate Reaches New Record For Second Straight Year In A Row

The murder rate in Mexico is horrendous, driven almost entirely by the drug cartels who have turned that nation into one of the most dangerous countries on earth. According to recent statistics, Mexico has now set a new, dubious record for the second year in a row of having the most reported murders at a […]

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Golden Dawn fanatics

Major Right-Wing Political Organization Declares That They Are Awaiting For The Coming Of The Kingdom Of The Antichrist And Want To Wipe Out All Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat As tensions between Greeks and Macedonians continue to intensify, there is a nationalist force working to capitalize on the situation for its own popularity, the Golden Dawn party in Greece. While this party is deceptively portraying themselves as pro-Christianity, they are in reality a sinister group with satanist and […]

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Man Gets Angry Over Service At IHOP, Pulls Out A Gun And Shoots An Employee To Death

  Getting angry with restaurant service is not uncommon. However, one usually solves these problems by speaking with a manager, not by attacking or murdering the waitstaff. But that is what 25-year-old Roderick Turner did, who began shooting at random employees, murdering one, before being killed by another worker according to a report: After a […]

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dr bashar al jaafari

Syrian UN Representative Declares That Syria May Bomb Tel Aviv Airport If Israel Doesn’t Stop Attacking Her

For the last five years, the nation of Syria has been under intense attack from the US and Israel. Far from being a sponsor of terrorism, and in spite of the legitimate criticism of Asad, it is absolutely clear that the terrorism in Syria was a creation of the US and Israel for political purposes, […]

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