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US Government Begins Developing Social Credit System With Smart Phones

The Chinese government announced the implementation of “social credit”, which is a way of tracking every move that every person makes and giving the people a “score” based on their movement. This would result in a “ranking” that would give them more freedoms or take freedoms, and possibly even their lives from them. Social credit […]

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The Internet Can Be A Path To Perdition Or Salvation, It Is Your Choice

St. John Bosco, who was known for receiving many visions, had one in which he saw the future of the Church. As it was revealed to him, the greatest trials of the Church were to come in the future, and in this vision he saw a great ship which was being violently thrashed by waves. […]

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keep abortion legal supreme court

The Supreme Court Just Struck Down Louisiana Bill That Would Enforce That Abortion Clinics Must Be Thirty Miles Within A Hospital. The Bill Would Have Forced Many Abortion Clinics To Close Down, But The Supreme Court Doesn’t Want This

By Theodore Shoebat In another example of how deep eugenics and its industry of infanticide has their claws sunk into American society, the US Supreme Court just struck down a Louisiana bill that would have required all abortion clinics to be thirty miles within a hospital, a measure that would have shut down many abortion […]

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British Soldiers Say That They Were Told By Superior Officers To Murder Unarmed Civilians In Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat British soldiers have said that they were told by superior officers to murder unarmed civilians, as we read in a report by RT: A disturbing media report claims that the British Army allowed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers say they killed children and covered up civilian deaths […]

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Photo of evacuation in Moscow, thanks to RT

Thousands Of People In Moscow Are Evacuated After A Wave Of Terrorist Threats Hit The Country

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of people in Moscow were evacuated after a wave of bomb threats hit Russia, as we read from RT: Numerous photos of evacuations have been posted on social media after Russia was targeted by a massive wave of anonymous bombs threats which saw thousands leave buildings as a precaution. Warnings of […]

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Ayatollah Khamenei Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.00.36 AM

Ayatollah Khamenei Of Iran Says That “Death To America” Means “Death To Trump”

The supreme spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, said on the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution just celebrated that “death to America,” a long-time favorite saying, means “death to Trump” according to a report: Iranian Supreme Ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is putting a new spin on an old slogan. Americans who […]

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Muslim Stabs Random Man To Death For Refusing To Convert To Islam

A Muslim man in Nigeria one day in January for reasons not fully described declared that anybody he met would  have to convert to Islam or be stabbed. On that day he approached a random man and demanded that he convert to Islam. When the man refused, he stabbed him to death according to a […]

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Going To Cancun Anytime Soon May Be A Very Bad Idea

Cancun is the American vacation paradise in Mexico where many people but especially college students go to on Spring Break to indulge themselves in their hedonistic impulses. However, Cancun has become increasingly dangerous as I have noted because major drug cartels are moving into the area (see here and here for recent stories). According to […]

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