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hollywood elite abortion

The Senate Of Georgia Passes Bill That Makes It Illegal To Murder Unborn Babies Once They Have A Heartbeat. Hollywood Elite Threatens To Pull Out All Production Companies From Georgia

By Theodore Shoebat The Senate of Georgia just recently passed a pill that would make it illegal to murder unborn babies once they have a heartbeat. Because of this, the Hollywood elite are now threatening to pull out all production companies from the state of Georgia, as we read in a report from CBN: The […]

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Bannon And Gaffney Are Back, This Time Pushing For War With China

We have been aggressively warning about the rise of nationalism and how it is being used as a vehicle to realize a war in the future. Steve Bannon, who was famously associated with President Trump’s campaign, we pointed out was “let go” not as a result of tactical failures, but that his mission was complete […]

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US And Coalition Forces Kill At Least 50 ISIS Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat US and coalition forces recently killed at least 50 ISIS terrorists in airstrikes, as we read in a report from Kurdistan 24: US-led coalition airstrikes killed at least 50 Islamic State militants who were hiding in caves in Syria’s Baghouz, a monitoring group said on Thursday. According to the Syrian Observatory for […]

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Soldier Of Sacrifice: The Story Of A US Army Veteran Who Trained A Christian Militia To Fight Islamist Terrorists

By Thedodore Shoebat A number of years ago we made a documentary about Brett Felton, a US Army veteran who went to Iraq during the height of Christian persecution by ISIS, and trained a Christian militia to defend Christians from horrific persecution. I have decided to republish this video to honor American veterans and to […]

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Twitter Offers To Give Trump’s Campaign A Major Gift To Help Him Win The 2020 Election

Twitter recently offered to give Trump’s campaign a major advantage over the yet-to-be-determined Democrat candidate by offering to censor “inappropriate” Tweets from him: A Twitter executive on Wednesday said the company is considering a new feature that will label tweets from politicians, including President Trump, when they violate Twitter rules. Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of […]

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murder supporter attack old man 01

Demon Possessed Lover Of Child Sacrifice Beats Up Old Man Outside Of Planned Parenthood

People who ardently defend infanticide many times do so with a passion and zealousness that is absolutely nothing less than preternatural by nature. In another of such examples, a man violently attacked and assaulted an octogenarian protesting outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic according to a report: An 85-year-old man was violently attacked as he […]

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suicide bomber

Two Female Suicide Bombers Slaughter Ten People In Terrorist Attacks In Niger

Terrorism in and around Nigeria is going to be a theme for the future as it is a geopolitical preparation for a greater world war due to her alliances with China and her importance as an oil power. In a recent incident, Nigeria’s northern neighbor of Niger suffered a terrorist attack at the hands of […]

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