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Immigration Is A Distraction From Reality, Which Is That The Kids Went Hard Left And Are Not Coming Back

Race relations in the US have been in decline for a long time. While there were always tensions to some degree between different ethnic groups, modern times have seen a return to rhetoric that was either used in or could have been used in 19th-century type racism. This has lead to an increased polarization between […]

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yunques beltran

Christian Woman Defends “Pastor” After He Turns HIMSELF In For Taking Two Pre-Teen Girls And Raping Them In Front Of Each Other

American Protestant congregations are notorious for holding their “pastors”- sometimes just referred to as “Pastor” -in a liking that is unhealthy. This can happen with any religious denomination, and while it is good to respect religious authority figures, it can lead to creating a cult of personality or to ignore aspects of a man that […]

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Russia Denies Anything Is Wrong After Massive Explosion At Major Lab Containing Deadly Viruses

Russia is not a stranger to massive man-made disasters in the pursuit of military or industrial goals. While most people think of Chernobyl in Ukraine as the only major nuclear blast incident Russia has experienced, this is far from the truth. In 1957, there was what is considered the third worst nuclear disaster in history, […]

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The Only Reason China Cares About Iran Is Because She Can’t Afford To Lose A Half-Trillion Dollars In Oil Deals

The recent attacks on Saudi ARAMCO oil field have provoked passion between not only the US and Iran, but also with China. US VP Mike Pence said on Tuesday the US was looking at evidence on the attacks on Saudi oil facilities and said that she ‘is ready to defend its interests and allies in […]

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