Hundreds of Pro-Mursi Protesters take to the streets… of Chicago

The Muslim Brotherhood has hundreds of very active pro-Mohammed Mursi protesters in Chicago who took to the streets to demand the ousted president’s reinstatement. Considering that the entity that hit us on 9/11/01 is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is beyond shocking that this isn’t shocking to all Americans.

Via Chicago Tribune:

About a year ago, Wael Elfeqy waited in a long line to cast his ballot for Egypt’s first democratically elected president. His candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won the election but was removed from office and jailed last week when the military seized power.

“We were so proud,” said Elfeqy, a physical therapist from southwest suburban Justice who travels frequently to Egypt, where he was born. “We were so proud of our democracy, and these guys stole it from us.”

While thousands rallied in the streets of Egypt both for and against Morsi’s ouster, Elfeqy was among hundreds of pro-Morsi demonstrators who protested Sunday on the Magnificent Mile, outside Chicago’s Egyptian Consulate. The protesters lined the sidewalks, many waving U.S. and Egyptian flags and holding homemade signs denouncing Egypt’s military and interim leadership.

How about this protester?

Fisal Hammouda, who left Egypt in the 1960s and now lives in Lisle, helped organize Sunday’s rally and led chants of “Only president is Morsi.” Hammouda said the U.S. government risks losing credibility if it fails to condemn the military takeover and push for Morsi’s return to office.

“God willing, he is going to be reinstated, because this was the will of the people and this was the first-ever fair election that happened in the history of Egypt,” Hammouda said. “The United States always says, ‘We are for democracy.’ This is a fair election.”

After taking office, Mursi wasted no time signing a Constitution that was heavy on Sharia law. In short, Mursi insisted on being an authoritarian and a tyrant. Yet, Hammouda thinks the U.S.’s credibility is at stake if it doesn’t support Mursi?

By the way, it would be interesting to know how many of these pro-Mursi protesters in Chicago have the right to vote in the U.S.

Perhaps if America had declared war on the Muslim Brotherhood after 9/11, the hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protesters who took to the streets of Chicago to demand Mohammed Mursi’s reinstatement would have had second thoughts or would have already been deported by now.

We know, that would be intolerant.

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