Ban Homosexuality!

By Theodore Shoebat

In each problematic situation, you have the problem, the symptoms to the problem, and the enabler of the problem.

The symptom is the war on marriage, and on humanity in general, the problem is the sodomite, and the enabler of the problem is tolerance. The conservatives may have victories for marriage here and there, but this does not stop the sodomite from continuously striving to achieve his goal. The purpose of a war is to stop the fighting with victory over the enemy, not to enable the enemy to continue fighting.

Imagine if you lived in a world where doctors purely complained about symptoms, and never sought out for a cure for diseases. They would have meetings on discussing symptoms, and organize entire conferences where the best doctors of the world gathered together to speak on nothing else but symptoms, and never on diseases. We would call these doctors useless, perhaps insane, maybe illogical. Nonetheless, none of us would like it.

Why is it then that we see this particular situation as dangerous, but not what is happening in regards with the sodomite agenda, wherein Christians keep complaining on its symptoms without offering a cure to end its existence?

I am not interested in purely complaining on the symptoms, but in offering cures.

I will now give the cure to this problem, and it will end it not temporarily, but completely: ban homosexuality. It is a cure and not a remonstrance on the symptoms of the sodomite.

Of course the heretic Glenn Beck is an enabler for the sodomite symptom. Here is a video where he defends the sodomite organization GLAAD and the lesbian Ellen DeGeneres, and then bashes a Christian group for combating the sodomite illness:

So much for your “conservative” Mormon.

For one thing, tolerance toward homosexuality will lead only to tyranny. If the sodomites have their way, it would be illegal for a pastor to deny two sodomite men a mock marriage. One demonic lunatic, Norman Spack, believes in getting young children to become transgender:

I bet I could go to any fourth or fifth-grade class, cut the hair of the boys, put earrings on various kids, change their clothing, and we could send all those kids off to the opposite-gender bathrooms and nobody would say boo. We can do wonders if we can get them early

With such depraved goals, it is beyond me as to how any sane nation could allow such people to thrive. Hilaire Belloc once wrote:

“Danger usually lies, as in the case of the human body, not in the presence of the ill, but in its neglect.” *Belloc, How the Reformation Happened, introduction, p. 59*

We are deliberately neglecting this ill called the sodomite and his pernicious goals, all in the name of tolerance and a feigned Christian love. Love is not about accepting everyone they are, it is often enough about purging the wicked to preserve the innocent. To outlaw the sodomite, would be to protect children whom the sodomite is pursuing to recruit for their demoniacal scheme.

Conservatives keep complaining on what the sodomites are doing, but they keep affirming this idea that it is about protecting marriage and not about being intolerant toward sodomites. But here is the problem with that: they keep focusing on the symptoms and not the disease.

As long as the sodomite is tolerated, the gay agenda will always exist.

In other words, the conservative movement is not purposing an adequate solution. Outlaw the sodomite movement permanently and we will no longer have to hear the debates and the annoying news blurbs on “marriage equality” (to use an absolutely fabricated term).

The sodomite agenda is just as dangerous as the jihadist movement, since they both have the same hatred for Christianity, and both strive for the destruction of Christianity. The sodomites want laws put against us, and they are, and will continue to do so if they are not stopped, afflicting violence against Christians.

Tony Miano, a street preacher, was arrested recently in the UK for preaching against homosexuality. Street preachers were beaten in Seattle at a gay rally and there was a recent video of it showing the mobbish perpetuators:

There were also a number of threats recorded made by sodomites toward those who believe in marriage (separated by ellipses):

I will kill you and your family. …Oh my God, this woman is so fucking stupid. Someone please shoot her in the head, again and again. And again. …I’m going to kill the pastor. …If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter. … Keep letting [the pastor] preach hate and he’ll be sorry. …We’re going to kill you. …You’re dead. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon… you’re dead. …I’m a gay guy who owns guns, and he’s my next target. You better stay off the olympic peninsula. . it’s a very dangerous place filled with people who hate racists, gay bashers and anyone who doesn’t believe in equality. fair is fair. …I advocate using violence against the property of ALL of those who are working tirelessly to HURT my family; starting with churches and government property. …I warn you, I know how to kill, I’m an ex-special forces person. …You guys deserve to die …I tolerate you because I don’t come to where you are and slaughter you.

All of these statements are from sodomites, and yet we disregard their violent nature and tolerate them? I have heard countless times, “don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin.” This type of talk usually comes from people who claim “Sola Scriptura”, yet this statement is not in the Bible.

We are what we do. When we analyze people, we do so by their actions. Hence Christ says “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16)

St. Paul says that those who turned to homosexuality were

filled with all unrighteousness, fornications, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death (Romans 1:29-31)

If St. Paul believes that sodomites should be outlawed, then we as Christians should not be either ignoring or misconstruing the Scriptural view of civil and governmental intolerance toward them.

American Christian leaders have shamefully not taken a militant stance against sodomites. Pastor Mark Driscoll has affirmed that the sin of homosexuality is no more a sin than heterosexual sin:

With this he agrees with the Cathar heresy, which taught that to have sex with your mother or sister is no more a sin than to copulate with a prostitute.

How could someone say that sinful sex between a man and a woman, is the same as two men taking part in such a reprobate act so disgusting that it is impossible for me to describe?

The sodomite movement is a religion, just as destructive and evil as Islam and Mormonism. They will not stop, and so neither shall we stop. It is a movement, and so thus it moves. Once it stops moving, it dies and no longer is a movement. The same is with Christianity. We cannot stop moving.

Those who refuse to join this fight against the sodomites, and push legislation banning the movement, should step aside and become a leftist Episcopalian.


We cannot be like pastor John Piper, who is a complete hinderance to militant Christianity.
He writes as a statement of belief:

We believe that every religion, world view, or philosophy of life may freely endeavor to influence and shape our culture.

Really? So the Muslims could influence the culture? That would lead to Sharia eventually. Mormons could influence the culture? Polygamy. Sodomites? The destruction of natural law. Atheism? The outlawing of Christianity. All of these groups, if they had their way, would lead to the obliteration of Christianity, but I guess Piper is okay with allowing these groups to thrive and become powerful.

I do not believe, and neither has Christianity believed for the last past 2000 years, that all beliefs deserve equality and rights, nor do I believe that every movement and religion may freely influence our culture.

Constantine forbade provincial governors from offering sacrifices to pagan gods, repressed idolatry and had countless idols destroyed. He also ordered the temple of Venus in Aphaca in Phoenicia to be destroyed, and had raised to the ground the temple of Aesculapius in Aegae. (1) (1) *Euseb. Life of Constantine, 2.26; 3.43-45*

When the pagan Symmachus, and other pagan members of the Roman senate requested that an Altar of Victory be placed in the Senate House, St. Ambrose fought against such an idea. He sent a letter to emperor, writing on the dangers on allowing the idol to be placed in the Senate House, and on how pagan rituals should be abolished:

For salvation is not sure unless everyone worship in truth the true God, that is the God of the Christians, under Whose sway are all things; for He alone is the true God, Who is to be worshipped from the bottom of the heart; for ‘the gods of the heaven,’ as Scripture says, ‘are devils.’ Now everyone is a soldier of this true God, and he who receives and worships Him in his inmost spirit does not bring to His service dissimulation, or pretence, but earnest faith and devotion. …And they [the pagans] are complaining of their losses, who never spared our blood, who destroyed very buildings of the churches. …Had these things not been abolished I could prove that they ought to be done away by your authority (2) (2)*St. Ambrose, Epistle xvii.1-5, trans. Rev. H. De Romestin, in Nicene and Post-Nice Fathers, vol. 10, ellipses mine*

If all religions deserve equal rights, then that implies that all religions have the same merit. But anyone who has compared Christianity, and the history of Christianity, with the tenets and history of all other religions, what we find is a radical difference between one and the other.

Therefore, not all religions deserve equal rights. Furthermore, there has to be an ultimate truth, which deserves to have exclusivity outside of other religions. Christianity, being this ultimate truth, cannot be thrown into the batch with the others under the nice title of “equality.”

Our civilization, our respect of human life, is based on Christianity, and to allow the other movements to vanquish it is downright self-destructive.

Marriage is a natural right because it is in accordance to the natural order. Sodomite behavior, on the other hand, is not in accordance to the natural order, and therefore it is not a natural right.

Ban homosexuality.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny