Muslims Take Victims, Cut Off Their legs And Arms, And Then Chop Their Bodies Into Pieces

By Theodore Shoebat

There is a horrifying story that took place in Syria, in which men were completely mutilated by Muslims. Joseph-Marie Chanaa of the Sisters of Charity, had this to say:

what is happening here is inhuman. Young people are abducted. Dead bodies are chopped up, the arms and legs are cut off and then cut into pieces.

I have written, in much detail, on the sadistic nature of the Islamic cult, in my book FOR GOD OR FOR TYRANNY, in which I write on the absolutely diabolical murders that the Muslims conducted against the Armenian Christians:

Armenian Women and children were raped, the bellies of preg- nant women were slashed, and men were decapitated and put on display for entertainment. Survivors were viciously dragged across Deir ez-Zor (the Syrian Desert) without food or water, at the mercy of murderous Turkish generals. By the end of the genocide, more than 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and lost.
An account of one survivor, Khanum Palootzian, recalls what she witnessed: “Pregnant women were eviscerated, their stomachs cut open with swords and their babies ripped out, thrown against the rocks. These I saw with my own eyes.”

Get a copy of FOR GOD OR FOR TYRANNY TODAY, and I guarantee you will never see the world the same again.

As the world plunges further into stupidity, now is the time to equip yourself with knowledge in order to gain discernment and fight against evil.


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