Muslim Sees Young Girl, And In Cold Blood Fires A Bullet Into Her Heart

By Theodore Shoebat

A young ten year old Christian girl named Jessi just got out of Vacation Bible School in Egypt when a Muslim approached her and, without any affection or compassion, shot her in the heart and killed her. It was absolutely blood chilling when her parents received the news.

Her mother, Zakrya, recounted the devastating experience:

My friend was screaming on the phone, ‘Jessi has been shot! Jessi has been shot’! …The day was Aug. 6, around 7:15 in the evening. Jessi had just walked out of church having finished nine days of a 10-day Vacation Bible School. She had walked down this very street, came to this spot that I’m standing at and then one single shot to the heart ended her life

Here is the video of her parents recounting the terrible event, watch and see what suffering these people go through.

Here is another video of a Muslim launching a rocket at a church in Syria:

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