Wicked: Bearing False Witness to create a Muslim Lynch Mob

Sandal and Gulsher Masih are Pakistani Christians who were set up by Muslims who wanted to have them arrested for blasphemy against Islam. Their case started when Muslims threw pages from a Qur’an onto their property and then accused them of doing it. This, in turn, created a mob that had found its victims. It made no difference that these victims were completely innocent of breaking a law that is unjust in the first place. Once again, police chose the path of least resistance and carried out the mob’s desire instead of doing what was right.

Evidence against the accusers was proven. Boys they said were involved were proven to have been at school at the time of the incident. In a sane world, the accusers would have been arrested simply for making such a claim. In fact, Muslims should be angered by any fellow Muslims who desecrate the Qur’an, regardless of the intent.

But that’s not what the mob wanted; it wanted Christian blood. Like piranhas with an excuse, reason mattered not, only a quenching of their sick, twisted bloodlust.

The Masihs’ accusers bore false witness to create a mob to attack them and the police’s solution? The Masihs should convert to Islam.

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