Muslims To Christians: “the unsheathed swords of Islam will be raised on your necks in your own houses.”

By Theodore Shoebat

After Muslim fundamentalists invaded the ancient Christian city of Saidnaya, the Muslim terrorist gang, Jabhat al-Nusra, made this declaration to all Christians:

Over the two years we have been fighting, you supported the tyrant of Damascus and his thugs. You were uninvolved, and we protected you. Now, you have turned your churches and sanctities into military barracks for that tyrant, and God forbids that we accept this. …God willing, the unsheathed swords of Islam will be raised on your necks in your own houses. God bear witness to what we say. …We tear apart the tyrant and apostasy with a great determination and a will that knows no defeat. We will color the dawn with our blood. The night of polytheism and atheism will be long gone.

By “polytheism,” they don’t mean paganism, but belief in the Holy Trinity, which is the belief that Islam inherently and assiduously desires to destroy. The war between Islam and Christianity is not a secular war, it is a theological one, between those who reject the Trinity and those who worship the Trinity. Islam, in its very beginnings, declared war on Christianity; therefore, this is a war for mainly Christians, and not something that secularism can resolve.

When they say that the Christians made their churches into military barracks, they are referring to the work of the Christian militants, The Lions of the Cherubim, who are working with Syrian soldiers in fighting off the jihadists in order to protect their beautiful and ancient church, House of the Cherubim.

We have written extensively on this Christian militia, in the only English report on this group of fighters, which can be read here.

The Christian fighters are withstanding the Islamic hordes, and efficiently vanquishing them in battle.

But many Christians are still without defense, and need our help.



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