FBI Raids Home of Preacher, trashes container of Donations headed for Christian Orphans in Sudan

Sam Childers is known as the “Machine Gun Preacher”. Last year, he won the Mother Teresa award and is known for his work in South Sudan and Uganda, where he builds orphanages and helps orphaned Christian children. While in Africa, his home in western Pennsylvania was raided by FBI and IRS agents who are not commenting on why they did so.

"Machine Gun Preacher" Sam Childers helps orphans in Sudan.

“Machine Gun Preacher” Sam Childers helps orphans in Sudan.

Via WJAC TV 6, via The Blaze:

As usual, the federal government is keeping quiet about the case, but Childers himself said the feds are interrupting his work and in turn hurting hundreds of children who lack the resources to help themselves. He said he knows what the feds are looking for but said they’re not going to find it.

Computers were taken and their wires left hanging. Boxes of donations were torn apart. That’s what Childers said federal investigators left behind Wednesday night.

“They went into a container that was packed and ready to come to the orphanage and totally destroyed it,” Childers said. “I mean, destroyed it, and what’s so sad is that it was all children’s clothes.”

Childers said the feds haven’t given a reason for their visit but he said it stems from the actions of his former son-in-law, a man he said has stolen thousands of dollars from his nonprofit, Angels of East Africa, in the past.

“This guy is in a lot of problems so what he’s been doing is he’s been telling the FBI that I’m smuggling guns and that I’m misusing funds,” Childers said. “To start with, it’s all lies and I’m telling everyone we’ve got nothing to hide.”

As for Sudan, Childers has been very outspoken about the ruthlessness and evil of Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir. He blames al-Bashir for funding Joseph Kony, the warlord about whom the Kony 2012 video was made. It went massively viral in the spring of 2012. Based on Malik Obma’s relationship with Sudan’s al-Bashir, the Obama administration may one day have more incentive to target Childers than just the false accusations of his former son-in-law.

Too much of a stretch? Isn’t this the same administration whose FBI agents raided Gibson Guitar factories for using illegal wood? At one point, they pledged to seize guitars from concerts.

Childers has been very outspoken against al-Bashir, which is not good for the Obamas.

Here is Childers responding to Kony 2012 and saying al-Bashir is much worse:

Here is another video of Childers calling out al-Bashir:

In another video from 2010, Childers calls al-Bashir “the root of al-Qaeda”. Remember, Barack Obama’s brother Malik works for al-Bashir’s Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). It’s also noteworthy that Barack and Malik are very close:



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