Jihadists Slaughter man’s family as he’s working in another Country

Imagine working in a country far away from your village. While you’re gone, your home country becomes infested with Jihadists who are slaughtering innocent Christians like yourself. Worries for the safety of your father and your sister, who remained behind, dominate your mind. It’s bad enough that these atrocities take place throughout your country but it’s all seemingly compounded by a near universal apathy for such senseless slaughter from supposed civilized societies.

Then, one day, you get the phone call you hoped would never come; it comes from your aunt. Your father and your sister are now two of the Jihadists’ deceased victims; your home was burned down to the ground and they were inside. Prior to being burned each of them was shot in the head.

Abeer and Nafeh Toume.

Abeer and Nafeh Toume.

Such is the story of Kamil Toume, who was in another country at the time his village in Homs, Syria came under violent attack, via Truth Voice:

In the eastern part of the village, an old man 62 years of age, named Nafeh Toume (abu Kamil) and his daughter Abeer Toume of 34 years of age were killed and burnt inside their home. “The last time they were seen was at 3pm,” one officer said. After the fierce confrontation, the old man’s sister went to see what happened at her brother’s house. Smoke was coming out of the house. She entered the house to find the remains of her brother and his daughter, her niece, as two burned corpses. The doctor confirmed that the cause of death for both was a bullet to the head, but their bodies had also been set on fire. The aged man didn’t have any weapon whatsoever or any affiliation to any political party. He got killed for religious reasons. He was a Christian and had no other faults to his name. He was burned as a sign of utter contempt for his religion, as burning or dishonoring a corpse in any way is a great disgrace in Islamic tradition.

Since this heinous atrocity, Kamil applied for asylum in the U.K. His sister did the same and is currently in the U.S.

Today, Kamil is in an immigration processing center in Glasgow, Scotland. It is our fervent hope and prayer that he will be granted asylum and be allowed to live in the U.K. Returning to Syria would be incredibly dangerous for him. There are no safe regions there anymore. Villages come under attack quickly and without warning.

It is people like Kamil who we are fighting to help whenever and wherever we can. Your donations most assuredly do help.