America may collapse within the next 18 months

By Keith Davies

The hero and unofficial “inspiration” of the Democrat party is Thomas Jefferson who once stated:

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was no liberal; he was a conservative through and through but the left have misused his writings on the “separation of Church and State” to revise our history and our constitution in the last century. I always find it interesting that as the US Constitution was being formulated by Hamilton, Madison and Jay, Thomas Jefferson was far away in Paris serving as U.S. ambassador to France.

Yet, the writings of Thomas Jefferson on the “separation of church and state” are used as legal precedent for SCOTUS to create the left’s ‘War on Religion’ despite the historical fact that Thomas Jefferson had nothing to do with the actual writing of the constitution. It defies reason for one to use Thomas Jefferson to justify his opinion as legal precedent.

How about the ‘War on Religion’ as a new slogan for the Republicans as a come back for the Democrat phony “War on Women”. Republicans are missing some real good PR experts. I can give them a former PLO terrorist who was an expert in Palestinian PR (propaganda) to help the Republicans out but… alas, that takes the courage of a lion. Maybe we can send the Republican caucus to a 24 hour marathon repeat viewing of the classic movie the ‘Wizard of Oz’ as an educational tool about how cowardly they are and that what is required today is some courage.

The country today has become a lawless banana republic, with a president acting way outside the bounds of our Constitution in order to keep his political power and that of his party with no regard for the separation of powers. The Republicans should hang their heads in shame as to the inability or lack of desire to confront the President, the Democrats, and the Pravda-compliant media.

It is now apparent that the fear of the IRS is very real. The IRS has undoubtedly been used to silence opposition as well as to aid and abet radical left wing groups. We have exposed on this website the aiding of terrorist entities in giving them 501(c)(3) status to raise money to be used for terrorism, yet no one in our government is willing to take a stand on this issue.

The even bigger tragedy is that too many Americans do not care or have been cowered into silence. Too many Congressmen and women are silent yet they know the truth about the IRS. The Republican leadership is no better than the Democrats in that they are not acting in their capacity as the “Loyal opposition”. This also applies to the conservative media who are also fearful of the IRS story concerning the issues of Malik Obama and his connections to terror. Most are well aware of the story but are afraid to report on it. G-d only knows why. There is no time left. The country is facing imminent financial collapse and the world – regarding the threat of terror and instability – is at emergency levels.

My fellow Americans, it is time to be counted; you are either a coward or you are patriot. Our government needs to be brought to heel. It is time to rise up peaceably in mass protest. These protests should be directed at both Democrats and Republicans. They are both the enemy of the people. They are both corrupt and useless. In each of the 435 congressional districts, you can start by organizing and demanding your Congressman follow certain principles whether he be Democrat or Republican. We must organize to find alternative candidates in each and every constituency and each and every Congressman or women needs to be replaced, no exceptions. We do not need 501(c)(4)s to do this; we need people willing to organize locally. The restoration of limited government and constitutional principals is required urgently.

Our military, CIA, NSA and FBI require new leadership as they have all been infiltrated and corrupted. The president needs to be impeached and Eric holder removed as Attorney general. Both need to be arrested for treason and criminal mischief. No one is going to do this until we remove the corruption from our government. John Boehner needs to be replaced as soon as possible, Lindsey Graham and John McCain also need to be arrested and tried for treason. They have worked for and have provided material support to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda (in Libya, Egypt and Syria) – a sworn enemy of the United States.

Unless the above is done, America may collapse in on itself within the next 18 months. Obama will have achieved his goal and it may not matter who will be the next president.