School Board Vice Chair says she ‘Will not bow down to Islam’ in Bizarre Rant

Her name is Angie Boynton and she is the Vice chair of a school board in Marion County, Florida. During what appeared to be a televised meeting, Boynton went on what can only be described as an incoherent rant. If you find yourself having difficulty piecing together what she’s saying, you’re not alone. At first, it seemed like she was going to detail how her daughter had been trapped by a Muslim man who had threatened Boynton with a letter.

If that is true, was made clear by Boynton, and was her focus during this rant, it could have been much more powerful.

However, not only was Boynton quite vague about that but she then went in a completely different direction, saying she cracked 9/11 ‘codes’ and sent them to both George W. and Jeb Bush. Board members were dumbstruck by the rant. The first step in unraveling this bizarre diatribe would seem to be determining if Boynton’s daughter has in fact dated a Muslim boy and if she was ever threatened or in any danger. If that’s not the case, this school board has an entirely new set of problems.

Via WFTV 9 (h/t The Blaze):

**UPDATE on February 15, 2014 at 4:41pm EST**
The Ocala Star Banner has posted a story with additional information about Boynton. It appears she has called police out to her home over issues they could not verify (severed wires and blood in her refrigerator). Again, Boynton’s case seems bizarre.