U.S. Army Officer jailed for Killing al-Qaeda Member finally given Parole

It often seems that bad news outweighs good news like elephants outweigh mice, especially these days. However, in this case, we’re happy to report that on March 15th, 1st Lt. Michael Behenna will be released on parole after serving five years of a 15-year sentence. Why has Behenna been in prison? Well, for killing an al-Qaeda operative while fighting a war against al-Qaeda in Iraq.



Finally, a courageous American patriot who fought valiantly for his country and its citizens, is being set free.

Here is a video news report from NewsOK:

Here is a statement from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin about Behenna’s release, via News 9 in Oklahoma (h/t GWP):

“I am glad this long ordeal has finally come to an end for Michael Behenna and his family. Michael went to Iraq to serve his nation and to defend liberty both here and abroad. Instead, he found himself mourning the loss of his friends from the inside of a cell. I believe the Army acted appropriately and compassionately in offering him parole.” – Gov. Mary Fallin.

We wrote about Michael’s case a couple of years ago at the request of one of our readers. The details of Michael’s case can be found here and here.

We are extremely happy for him and his family.