Muslims Promote Antichrist One-World Religion In Brutal Plan To Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

There are two kingdoms, one of pure light and the other of pure darkness, and as all of humanity bears witness, the glimmering brilliance of the dawn’s awakening foretells which one shall gain the victory, with the borders of Heaven meeting and giving comfort to the miserable earth.

Amongst the ranks of the kingdom of darkness, there is a unity of will, and that is the perpetual conquest of the good under the tyranny of the evil ones. Islam is the religion of Antichrist, but on the side it has its eternally sinister alliances, and one of them is that most wicked doctrine of Buddhism, which has been connivingly touted as some sort of creed of peace.

There is a very influential sheikh named Hussein Yee, a troublesome heretic from China who was raised as a zealous Buddhist, and who now deceives the world with Islamic doctrine through the cunning of a charming smile. But from one devil he went to another, and accepted the pernicious and destructive heresy of Muhammad. He carries much force in his speaking, and possess great sway over Muslims both in the Orient and in the West.

As a Muslim, he believes that Buddhism, in its earliest and purest form, does not contradict in any way the unitarian (or anti-Trinitarian) teachings of Muhammad (called in Arabic Tawheed, or Oneness).

I have made a video showing the clips in which this heretical pagan establishes and argues that the one demonic religion of Islam is not contradictory to the other equally satanic religion of Buddhism:

Notice how Yee fully equates the monotheism of puritanical Buddhism to the heretical unitarianism of Islam. Not only that, but he esteems Buddha as a prophet of Allah. He places Buddhism as superior to Orthodox Christianity, because of its unitarian doctrine. In one video he says that Allah hates the Christians (called Nasara in Arabic) and the Jews more than he does the Buddhists and the Hindus:

This priority that Islam places on Christians and Jews specifies the true purpose of Muhammad’s heresy: to destroy Christianity, and the Jewish people. But primarily, Islam was founded to undermine the orthodox teachings of Christianity, and to forcefully transform the eternal creeds of the Church into universal unitarian ideology.

This is the goal of Hussein Yee, as is obvious from his propounded argument that true Christianity and Buddhism are part of a primitive, once forgotten, universal and unitarian religion, that was only completed and restored in Islam.

With such heretical copulation and harlotry, I am reminded of the perfect accuracy of the words of Tertullian, one of the oldest Fathers of the Church, when writing on heretics:

It has also been a subject of remark, how extremely frequent is the intercourse which heretics hold with magicians, with mountebanks, with astrologers, with philosophers; and the reason is, that they are men who devote themselves to curious questions. (Tertullian, On the Prescription Against Heretics, ch. xliii, ANF, vol. 3)

To those who find the idea of Buddhism and Islam forming a common ground as unheard of, there was a time in history in which this was a reality. During the Boxer Rebellion, Chinese people who were subscribers to Buddhism and Taoism, joined with Chinese Muslims to wipe out Christianity in China, which was being introduced by British missionaries.

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These Chinese Muslim terrorists called themselves the Kansu Braves, and they worked closely together with Chinese and Manchu rebels; Muslim banners were seen side by side with Buddhist banners, which bore the pagan symbol of the dragon.

Dong Fuxiang, leader of the Kansu Muslims

Dong Fuxiang, leader of the Kansu Muslims

B.L. Putnam Weale, an eyewitness, wrote:

There were jackets and tunics of every colour; trouserings of blood red embroidered with black dragons; great two-handed swords in some hands; men armed with bows and arrows mixing with Tung Fu-hsians’s Kansu [Muslim] horsemen, who had the most modern carbines slung across their backs. There were blue banners, yellow banners, embroidered with black, white, and red flags, both triangular and square, all presented in a jumble to our wondering eyes. (B.L. Putnam Weale, Indiscreet Letters From Peking, part ii, letter v, brackets mine)

Muslim Kansu Braves would station themselves in front of the rebel Buddhist temples. Weale wrote of “thickly clustering tents of Kansu soldiery in the open spaces fronting the vast Temples of Heaven and Agriculture.” (Ibid, Part i, letter viii)

Muslim Kansu Braves

Muslim Kansu Braves

The Kansu Muslims horrifically murdered the Japanese chancellor Sugiyama Akira, right in front of pagan Buddhist altars, as our eyewitness recounts:

On the open spaces facing the supplicating altars of Heaven and Agriculture this little Jappanese, Sugiyama, met his death in a horrid way. The Kansu soldiery were waiting for more cursed foreigners to appear, and this time they had their arms with them, and were determined to have blood. They hacked off all his limbs, barbarians as they are, decapitated him, then mutilated his body. It now lies half-buried where it was smitten down. (Ibid)

It was not just the Chinese Buddhists who worked with the Muslims in the Orient. The Zen Buddhist empire of Japan, after it attacked Pearl Harbor, made alliances with the Muslims. Historian Ben-Ami Shillony, writes:

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan became interested in securing the support of the Moslems in Southeast Asia and India against the colonial powers of the West. These new circumstances caused the Japanese government to abandon its support of Zionism and to embrace the cause of the Arab national movement, which opposed both the British and the Jews. (Ben-Ami Shillony, The Jews and the Japanese)

When Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem who collaborated with Hitler, conducted a revolution in Iraq in 1941, those who provided weapons for the coup were the Nazis and the Buddhist Japanese. And when the British were after Haj Amin for murdering English officials, it was the Japanese who provided him with refuge in Tehran.

When people today describe Buddhism as a religion of peace, nothing but rubbish is springing forth from their fickle lips. To those who highly esteem Buddhism as a peaceful “way of life,” I ask a simple question, what religion were the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor? They were Buddhist of the highest degree, and of the most fundamental level.

Sheikh Hussein Yee is doing nothing more than repeating history, in that he is attempting to bring together the Muslims and the Buddhists against the Christians and the Jews, which is exactly what happened during World War Two and the Boxer Rebellion.

The kingdom of darkness is of a single aspiration, for in the words of our Lord, a kingdom against itself cannot stand. In this perpetual tempest of evil, we find amidst the fragmented hordes of the superficial masses, a small but indissoluble body of warriors who are the ranks of the the Lord of Hosts, imbued with the spirit of zeal and orthodoxy, filled with sagacious theology, armed with the sword of God, ever embolden for the holy fray, and ever waiting for the day in which the Eternal Warrior of Heaven shall end all wars. So in that final time will the saints be side by side with the armies of Heaven, armed with the swords of justice and accompanied with the holy martyrs who in forlorn days took up the Cross, and who will be amongst us with crowns of glory, all crying out in one voice,

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.
Hosanna in excelsis.
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.
Hosanna in excelsis.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth;
heaven and earth are full of thy glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord
Hosanna in the highest.

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