Ugly Truths cannot penetrate Dennis Miller’s Thick Skull

Walid appeared on today’s Dennis Miller show…

Folks, we are witnessing a scary and dangerous dynamic in American culture these days. It involves a trait that is becoming far too common among otherwise intelligent, reasoned, rational, and logical people. In particular, when it comes to some very ugly truths about the infiltration of the United States by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, sympathizers, and apparatchiks, there are good people who are choosing to avoid coming to terms with those truths. All we can conclude is that those truths are simply too ugly for said people to wrap their heads around.

Unfortunately, Miller appears to be one of them.

In some cases, instead of listening to those who know the truth, smart people (with thicker skulls) actually attack the messenger. We highlighted one of these examples yesterday, with Attorney Cleta Mitchell, who has reached an absurd level of denial when it comes to facing the cases against Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan. Mitchell defended them and impugned those who are sounding alarm bells.

In today’s interview, Miller charged that Walid was too confusing and getting into the weeds a bit too much while warning him that peoples’ “BS” detector goes off when guests do that. Walid has been doing radio and television interviews for years and has covered this material several times. In reality, Miller clearly had a difficult time acknowledging some very difficult facts. He then demanded to know if Walid thought Barack Obama is a Muslim. When Walid told him that he did, Miller seemed to demur, implying that such a belief is reserved for those on the fringe.

In making his point, Miller ludicrously cited Bill Maher’s position, and then took it.

Nice knowin’ ya, Dennis.



**UPDATE on February 19, 2014 at 11:26am EST**
We would like to clarify two things. First, the clip at the beginning of the interview is from earlier in Miller’s show when he was teasing the interview. We actually found that quite funny. Second, once presented with these facts in a way he admitted understanding, Miller still isn’t the least bit outraged and doesn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the situation.


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