McCain sucks up to Anderson Cooper over Pro-Jihadist Coverage

Yeah, we know, there’s plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) supports Jihadists – to include his decision to hire Elizabeth O’Bagy and embrace Mouaz Moustafa – but he’s so invested in that position that he’s willing to suck up to Anderson Cooper.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Note in the video that McCain says there are ‘no good options’ but then says ‘doing nothing’ is the worst option. This mentality long ago infected practically every member of Congress, who believes that passing legislation constitutes getting something done. In reality, passing legislation is the worst option. The best option is repealing as much legislation as possible.

McCain apparently sees helping Jihadists in Syria the same way.

Remember, just a couple of weeks ago, prior to gushing over the openly gay Anderson Cooper, who – along with Drew Griffin – was part of a smear campaign against Walid three years ago, McCain rudely berated Syrian Christian clergy who were in Washington, D.C. to draw attention to the persecution of Christians in Syria. He behaved so badly that his RINO partner in crime – Lindsey Graham – had to apologize for him.

No good option Senator? How about deciding to rescue Christians instead of spitting on them while embracing their murderers?

You wacko bird.


John's Jihad is Anderson's Jihad.

John’s Jihad is Anderson’s Jihad.


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