Is Bill O’Reilly a Pinhead? We will let you Decide!

By Keith Davies

Like many of our BLOG readers, you may also watch Bill O’Reilly. I confess to being one of his regular viewers but lately I have become frustrated at Mr. O’Reilly. His level of ignorance and complete lack of understanding with respect to the Middle East and Russia is mind-boggling. That says nothing of his pandering to President Barack H. Obama.

Is this man a pinhead?

Is this man a pinhead?

Let’s start with the aftermath of the Super Bowl interview. I had little problem with his interview and the questions he asked were good. We knew at the start we would not get real answers. What was staggering was the conclusions that Bill O’Reilly comes to in the aftermath of the interview with O’Reilly stating that the president is a “Patriot”.

As an American, I expect my Commander in Chief and leader of the Nation to speak the truth and to act in the best interest of the American people. When the President has his closest lieutenants tell us bald-faced lies concerning the Benghazi “hateful video”, then over a three-year period tells the nation at least 28 times in the public forum that “If you like you’re health care plan, you can keep it, period”, when he knew – based on revealed public records – that this was absolutely not the case, warrants disrespect for said President while holding respect for the office. In fact, respecting such a President disrespects the office.

The President invoked executive privilege on Fast and Furious, when he promised during his campaign that he would be the “most transparent administration in history”. The IRS scandal is the most abusive use of power by any administration in history and even short of the complete investigation we know today that the abuse came from Washington, D.C. and not some “rogue agents” as we were lied to yet again. The nation’s debt has doubled, from $9 Trillion to $17.5 Trillion (and counting) but the President condemned George Bush when he was the Junior senator of Illinois for being “unpatriotic” for increasing the debt to 9 trillion dollars.

Yet, O’Reilly has no problem saying Obama is a “Patriot”. Based on President Obama’s own words, even HE disagrees with O’Reilly.

Just to add insult to injury, O’Reilly comments at the end of the Super Bowl interview that the president’s “heart is in the right place”. I do not believe that to be true but even if I am wrong, so what, if the country is going down the rat hole, “what difference at this point does it make” (are you listening Hillary?) whether the President’s “heart is in the right place” or not?

Now for O’Reilly’s sheer ignorance on Vladamir Putin. It is clear that O’Reilly is a major consumer of propaganda and still harbors the bias against Russia in the aftermath of the Cold War; the truth is a little more complex. Yes, Putin is not a Mr. Perfect. However, he gets it when it comes to the threat of Islamic terror and the protection of the Middle East’s Christians. When O’Reilly calls Putin a murderer because he supports Assad then the USA is also guilty of the same crime for our support of Saddam Hussein during the Iran – Iraq war. Saddam was murdering his own people while we were supplying him with arms. We were allies with Saddam because of the threat of Iran. International politics is very dirty sometimes.

Putin is an ally of Assad because at least Assad protects the Christians in Syria. Yet, O’Reilly forgets the atrocities of the other side, which are far worse than Assad’s. O’Reilly needs to understand that it is better for a secular Muslim to rule an Arab or Muslim nation than a fanatic fundamentalist Sunni Muslim to do so. O’Reilly is ignorant of these issues, which could expose him as the “pinhead” he sadly misleads his viewers to believe others are. We have about 350,000 educated readers but O’Reilly has about 20 million misguided viewers.

Concerning Putin, even this leftist professor understands the issues better than O’Reilly:

We have passed on our research concerning Malik Obama to the production team at the ‘O’Reilly factor. Just as most others in the media, they have chosen to dismiss the evidence as it obviously contradicts Mr. O’Reilly’s comfort level. Instead, he would rather do what most Americans do and continue stick his head in the sand and delude himself into believing that the President is a “patriot” whose “heart is in the right place,” while the country continues on its way to collapse.

Is Bill O’Reilly a pinhead or a patriot?

You decide.